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Grimes To Paul: I'll See You In Court

Jeff293 Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 2:10 AM
a lot of Democrat voters seem to vote twice? What 's the problem again? oh yeah, Ron Paul is Republican.
How do I read this? Michelle is bored being FLOTUS, and went out in pseudo disguise to see if the Commoners could " SURPRISE" toss rose pedals at the exhalted ONE, Moochelle Obama. Michelle went slumming for suckers. What did she get? She wandered down an aisle, with her attitude tingling, please oh please find me a Cracka. Well, she found an aisle, and how dare dat Cracka ask ME, Moochelle Obama (in disguise) to pick something off a shelf". The fact the woman couldn't reach it herself was immaterial. That commoner should have immediately have recognized ME the Great and Wonderful Mooooooochelle was in her meager presence. Then, to ASK ME, the Magnificence, to pick a bottle of ketchup off shelf four well above this woman's head. How dare she ask me to do that? People have to throw rose pedels when I walk amongst them. Let them eat cake, no wait that line was taken by a White Cracka French Woman.
these self loathing boneheads of progressivism needed a Story to perpetuate the myth of War On Women. And what better, blame a University Frat House of young men. Heck, Al Sharpton won out a ton of media cash money doing exactly this same thing huh. Do we all remember Duke University, NCAA Men's Lacrosse Team? Make a False Statement, and ride the wave of interviews, and TV media money.
one such outlet would catch any story line of Whites burning Blacks would be Liveleak. They catch pretty much anything. I haven't seen any such story of Whites targetting Blacks and burning them alive. But i do find that there have been significant stories of Blacks burning Whites. Especially the latest one. A White Girl, had lighter fluid shot up her nose, and poured down her throat. She was beaten in the head, and the car set on fire. so far the lead suspect is guess who? Ex boyfriend. Guess what race, yup, African American, and a known Gang member with a history of violence and beating her up.
oh for the love, please oh please RINO Jeb, go mow a lawn, but stay out of a Presidential politics. Conservativism doesn't need another John McCain type appeaser ruining another election benefitting the Democrat Candidate.
Please oh PLEASE don't ! your brand of RINO politics has caused immense losses for conservatism and easy wins for Democrats. We cannot stand another round of DUMB.
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Climate Catastrophe

Jeff293 Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 4:53 AM
What did we just witness with Trey Gowdy and Darrel Issa taking apart Mr. Gruber? Mr. Gruber was ripped to shred by the smug attitude that Mr.Gruber held towards the Commom Public person. We have heard that Mr.Gruber regards -us the general public- as STUPID. So stupid he only mocks us in a Conference of like minded progressives, without any attendee progressives speaking up. As noted by Darrel Issa and Trey Gowdy. What did Mr.Gruber basically say. Well, he said that his "COMPUTER MODELS" told him that his ObamaCare Plan was workable. Mr. Issa, said the Computer Model process didn't match --- REALITY. Sounds awfully similar to Michael Mann and the Climate Change what again, oh yeah. The Climate Change Group Supporters base their whole belief system and imposed Law and Regulations on what again? oh yeah, COMPUTER MODELS. Oh yes, didn't Mr.Issa nail Mr.Gruber with the comment, REALITY didn't support the agenda. Likewise Michael Mann used the same methodology to push his plan of Global Warming. Computer Models are NOT Reality. Same progressives, same end results. Pushing an agenda using Computer Models when reality doesn't support the claim.
Oh they are sneaky Michelle. How Ontario Canada snuck in Day Care, cough cough, was Shell & Pea dynamics of progressivism. RENAME it " All Day Kindergarten" and "Early Childhood Education". Bing, bang, bong our liberals killed it for snatching up Female Voters using Public Money to pay for Single Females to have tons of illegimate kids at Taxpayer expense. If a leftist can't win it by using socialist programs such as Government Day Care. Hell, just cotton candy it and deceive the Public by calling it anything but its real name. All Day Kindergarten, covers all day the kids are at school, ah Day Care. Cookies & Drinks classrooms. If Mom takes a year off work post birth, and then shuffles the kid off to other places until Early Childhood Education, post diaper period we call Potty Training. That three year old is pushed into Early Childhood Education. Funded of course by the tax payers. So, our devious progressives can win Female voters by buying up their votes using Bait Programs like Early Childhood Education and All Day Kindergarten. It also works very well with the Teachers Unions. More teachers, more Union Dues, more influence because, nobody likes seeing Teachers laid off. OUR Children would suffer.
OK, what if Christiano Rinaldo of Portugal were to say he was GAY, or what about a host of other Players say they were Gay as well.
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Welcome Home, Kenneth Bae

Jeff293 Wrote: Nov 10, 2014 4:37 PM
It really annoys me when western morons go into a supremely restrictive Communist Country and expect they can pull a fast one by, nudge nudge, wink wink, leave a Bible or religious material about non chalantly. Are you people that nieve and dumb? Honest to goodness dopey Super Christians figure they can drop into a North Korean city Hotel and bluntly leave Christian pamphlets leisurely left about. Look whacky Christians. Communism of the type in N.Korea have for 60 years created an environment of socialist snitches. These scummy Commies will snitch on their Grannies if they know after snitching they can get Grannies Bowl of Rice. That's the impact of N.Korea. So, don't you think a NK Secret Police type is watching most intently on Hotel Workers who just might occupy the westerners Hotel Room contents. It wouldn't surprise me cleaning staff didn't photograph all your contents within your carrying bags, and itemized every item you have. N.Korea is the most repressive government on the planet, and likewise, good jobs are hard to come by. Do you honestly believe Won Sue is going to expose themselves for "tips or maybe decadent western materials" just because your goofy Christian interventionalist attitudes compell some Nut to blantantly leave religious pamphlets left out. Come on people. Don't try to pull as fast one on N.Korea, because NK Secret Police have already Red Circled your Hotel Room for surveillance. Even before you get there.
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