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Myself smoke until you drop. But don't get behind the wheel of a vehicle or show up at work influenced by drugs. But there lies the problem with Pot. Pot has zero consistency with product sold to the people who demand access to the commodity. Today's POT is not the 1960-70's Panama Gold. today's Pot is a hybrid of selective pot plant improvements that made the old stuff pale in comparison to the Bud of Today. But the perception of the sale is this benine plant of yesterday but its this HIGH PERFORMANCE growth of massive impact on the user in relation to us the Public dealing with overdrugged misfits. Also, not being told but is the massive Tar release of modern Pot Plant Joints as compared to the same equivalent size and weight of cigarette tobacco products.
No Socialist Democrat sitting in the White House want this woman to open her mouth. With the 2014 Election coming. The last thing the Democrats want now is any testimony by Lerner before any Committee. Especially one that will guarantee, the most dreaded person a Socialist Demcrat wants to see before them, Trey Gowdy. He will be gunning for Lerner and will publicly disembowel her in Committee. So don't expect her to give any testimony now or in the future. She proven to Senior Level White House Administration people. SHE HAS A BIG MOUTH.
Isn't this a lark! John McCain talking about a weaken US position. Pal, YOU ARE THE WEAK POSITION, in dealing with a social activist President and gang of group hug progressives who don't have a clue what the world is about. Liberalism is devoid of contact outside of their dopey world of morons congregating about Ivy League Campuses blowing smoke up each other keesters. None of these putrid little pukes have a clue what the world is outside of their retarded campuses of isolation. John McCain is harming conservatism by selling out conservatives themselves. His wish-washy attitude harms the core strength of collecting Conservatives to fight stupid liberal administration decisions. He opens the door for the liberal MSM to make conservatives look foolish. He just doesn't get it..... Please John, retire. Retire to an Arizona Adult Living Dream Apartment. Grow old with your hubbie. Enjoy your grandkids. But please go away.
Since Common Core has been fronted as the great new educational tool, never has there been a more gross example of stupidity being sold as "New & Improved". Honestly what a bunch of bunk by Educators. How is a student going to be challenged if the material they are being assigned is so grossly flawed. Except of course if the examination is so grossly flawed that each can go hand in hand into NeverNever Land in the form of ridiculous. How can such junk be proof read, and handed out to students is a aboration of dereliction of duty of Teachers. Once a Parent reads this junk being handed out. Even a marginal person can see for themselves that factual necessity to be able to pass is forgone in favour of political opinion. Common Core is a basis of political opinion, and directs miss informed students into left leaning political paths bathed in deliberate facts being vacant. In its place from fact is quasi-impressions of left leaning political opinions. Where is the local School Boards in reading this junk? Why is this material devoid of factual history? Why isn't it vetted before releasing to the public school students. Either be correct, or don't release it to the public. Regardless of political slant. Be correct or be gone. And why are historical events of socialist value given high profile positive spin? Why are hard line leftist --- good, and capitalist self made people left out or denegrated to subhuman levels.
your description of the french Maginot Line pretty well sums up the stupidity of our western Immigration Departments, Canada or United States. Political interference has blunted the enforcement prospects of these departments to be neutered animals incapable of doing their jobs for fear of Senior Management political handlers. The Maginot Line is absolutely correct, because the enemy has already flanked the Line and has end around gone passed the defenses called the Enforcement Officers of the Immigration Department. Heck, they don't even get out of their chairs now because if you report an illegal it could effectlively end your promotions.
So where do you go with this, we are outlawing the use of tobacco smoke but including the use of Pot Smoke. We pemit drugs with cute cultured definitions of wording, like recreational use of drugs. As if sticking the word recreational will improve our lives anymore than recreational use of cocaine would harm us any more. So do we include cocaine as an acceptable form of drug use? Sure, Its "my body and I will do what ever I want with it". Sounds awfully similar to the feminist aborting babies in a recreational sort of way at the good Dr.Gosnell's office. It's my body, and I will do whatever I want with it. It's my right man". Go right ahead people. Release a product with no chemical restrictions in it or guaranteed product standards.
Not to rain on your parade. But why would you legalize a product into the whole population when there is no available test to determine if the user of this product is legal within a framework of acceptability to be operating equipment common to the population with which we all share. It's bad enough we have drunk drivers, but why would you release millions of incoherent fools totally enebriated by the use of Pot! Do you even have a " Road Side Test " that can be used by our Police Services like a Breathalyzer which can immediately test the Consumer as Drugged or Safe to the Public. As far as I know there is no Road Side Test currently available for criminal determination of suspect. There are Blood Tests, but they take time.
sure is a lot of progressive revising of historical facts and institutional definitions to fit their agenda. I didn't realize when I woke up this morning in Canada I had an inalienable right to US citizenship. Come to think of it, the US government wants to tax me differently than what southern border Hispanic don't pay to cheat their way across a border and get their inalienable rights for citizenship, plus food stamp vouchers and ObamaCare. I guess you have to cheat a lot and very often to get noticed by Democrats.
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What is Planned Parenthood Hiding?

Jeff293 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 12:59 AM
? how is "Planned Parenthood" anything what it claims to be as in planned --- parenthood. So far, the only planning in Planned Parenthood is the frontal assault using a glitzy name called Planned as in establishing an organized thought process which leaves the person believing "if I plan something" I will hopefully get to the end of the journey. So far, what do we understand about Planned Parenthood? Well, they advocate the end of child, before any planning of parenthood is even discussed. Kinda putting the cart in the front of the horse huh? How does an organization that calls itself Planned promote Death Before Planning? Strange, but expected huh from liberals.
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Gays Don’t Have a Right to Marriage

Jeff293 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 12:49 AM
no "marriage" isn't a right, it's a benefit of approved discrimination. You have a "Right" to breath, a "Right" not to be killed. But you do not have a "right" to marriage, Because as much as anything in marriage, 55% of those who do choose marriage divorce. Is Divorce a Right in reciprical to Marriage? Then there should be no penalty in divorcing since there is no right to claim restitution from a bad marriage as it wasn't my right to be inflicted with a poor choice in marriage.
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