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I don't have all the room to name every location that requires a Photo ID to gain access or to acquire Service or to allow a person to cast their Ballot for a Political Party Representative. But don't you find it odd that Democrats and in particular social activists find it unacceptable to produce a Photo ID or at least some form of OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT documentation to cast a Voter Ballot during an Election? there are so many places that Photo ID is required, even the Democratic National Convention for liberals required the attendee to produce an Approved Photo ID just to enter the Democratic National Convention doors, then later on, do the same to cast a Ballot. So why do social activists within the Democratic Party get huffy about Photo ID? I really believe that the political science insiders of the Democrats figured out how to selectively cheat the Ballot Box. how did so many locations have wild swings in voter turnouts? Indications of the last Federal Election showed a conservative upswelling leading to the Ballot Boxes with a marginal win for a Mitt Romney. BOOM, polling results coming in with anything but a Republican Presidential win. In fact, Obama had a bigger win. HUH? Then the final score counts started coming in, with some really bizarre site numbers. turnouts of 108%, or whole cities where the Democrat won by 100%. What? Like I say, the Democrats have an ace in the hole, and rigging the uncontrolled ballot box. Why would they not put up a fight about Photo ID. They've cornered the market on cheating elections.
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Are ISIS Fighters Learning to Fly Jets?

Jeff293 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 4:40 AM
the frightening thing about ISIS and its compostition is the problem our Progressives just can't get their heads around. That small percentage of Muslims that liberals claim make up the radical numerical portion is like a 100 million people! Our progressive can't fathom the total number of followers who make up that ISIS group. 100 million gun toting nuts ready to cut your darn head off. How many people are in the total US Army? Please how many? Now, equate your US Army total number to the total number of radicalized ready to die for Islam ISIS! this is insane..... Our liberals don't get it. Islam does NOT assimilate with the westernized countries. Islam tells you straight up that it won't assimilate, in fact they tell its followers cannot assimilate. Why won't our liberals figure it out. Islam won't be bought with progressive love. Sure they will take everything a stupid liberal will throw at them in Health & Welfare Benefits. But did you notice, it doesn't go both ways. Ask any Christian in the dominant Muslim Middle East if they get the same treatment of fair treatment. Islam is effectively eradicating Christianity out of the Old World Middle East. And what do North American liberals say, Nothin...
The Social Activist White House is clearly threatening the North American continent with a highly communicable illness that doesn't or shouldn't be on the continent. Our forefathers knew well enough that communicable disease had to controlled. They built and understood "quarantine" was the true measure only to protect the many from the few. why do you think Typhoid Mary was isolated from the General Public? Is she were alive today, dopey Democrats and Social Activists would be screaming about her Civil Rights, and her right to freedom of movement. Well, what about us? We the greater good of the General Public? What about our "protection"? Same goes here. Social Activism and its inherent flaws, compells them to expose us to the very diseases that should be quarantined but won't because of fear of being called racist. We are doomed to PCness, and the inability of our progressives to not separate themselves from the ills of the planet and the harsh reality that MAN is inherently flawed and will through Human Error release mayhem upon us. so here you have good spirited liberals wanting to share the World Village here when in reality the human experience says that Ebola will not be contained because some dopey liberal will inadvertently release an infected person into the General Public by mistake. They started that ball rolling in Dallas Texas. And further compounded that stupidity by allowing a 2nd Nurse to travel by intercontinental airlines to Chicago. That same Plane infected by a positive Ebola Nurse went where? Numerous airports across all of the interior of the United States. Welcome to the Progressive World of Stupidity.
Well, you reap what you sow, and NYC voted for a brazen A-Hole of a socialist leaning Mayor. Maybe NY residents should understand voting hard left leaning jerks won't bring you "WONDERFUL". What is the mindset of hard left or social activists? They absolutely HATE police service workers. They hate them with a passion. The fact that the police must serve to protect the public from degenerates and criminals is immaterial to social activists. Further proof is the Mayors Top Aid shacking up with an unrepentant criminal murderer.
Jenn P is clearly incompetent in doing this particular job. She is out of her limited league of experience and was appointed by affirmative action and not by experience or professionalism. this is a common occurance amongst social activist lead White House appointments.. They seem to be all " Not Ready For Prime Time Players".
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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

Jeff293 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 3:19 AM
The "MESSAGE IS", there will be NO -- Joe The Plummer moments when senior executives of the Democratic Party are speaking. Intimidation is the method to scare off anyone who dares question the Celebrity Elite of the Democratic Party. Especially if Her Royal HomieNess is in Attendence. You wouldn't want her getting upset would you.
Put up all the video information leads you want. Progressives --- DON'T GET IT. Progressives flock to the Middle East, Islamic radicalized zones to change them. It's a mental illness of liberalism to go places to tell them how to lead their lives, like it or not. how many times does it take by Sharia-ist Muslims and their legions of Mullahs telling you -- LIBERALS-- they do not assimilate into western society, and it's their sworn belief to change westerners to Islam or death. Pretty darn explicit huh? Yet, there you go, western liberals flocking into radical Islam countries then being scooped up and beheaded. Message here progressives. Islamic radicals don't -- need you anymore. There is the internet and instant messaging by hand held phones capturing the event - immediately. Releasing it, immediately. So you really don't need photo journalists or media journalists at the scene writing about it. dopey left leaning westerners -- are the story now. Heck they line up and get their heads cut off doing it -- for the moment. So, go ahead liberal journalist. Line up, buy a ticket to the Middle East. Be the "MOMENT, experience the MOMENT. Be the Story". Except don't expect us to bail you out when the radicals cut your damned head off. They warned you.
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The Third Rail of Domestic Violence

Jeff293 Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 11:12 PM
why is it the NFL's Head Offices business to impose MORE penalites and suspensions? And who the heck gives a Private Business criminal case evidence so that the Private Business in this case the NFL can impose any more Social Justice penalities? You have Cops arresting people for video imaging captures of Police during the course of their work. You have court cases thrown out when evidence is improperly submitted according to liberalism in the Courtrooms. Here you have a video image, provided to a Private Company, NFL Head Office to the Commissioneer, without the consent or knowledge of Ray Rice or his now spouse. TMZ had no right to the video images nor release these images without "consent" of Ray Rice and his now Wife. And where does the NFL get off appeasing the Feminists of society who only wanted a Pound of Flesh from Ray Rice. How is it that Hollywood who has more degenerate behaviour and criminal acts doesn't sanction the employment and impose Fines against their warped members of the Screen Actors Guild? What about Music celebrities too? How come the NFL players are placed on this so called pedestal of social retribution imposed penalities? Does the CEO of General Motors call in Production Line Supervisors or Workers who committed Domestic Violence at home? Are they handed a "FINE" and booted out of their jobs because they broke a law? And HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Ray Rice's penalties amounted to tens of millions of dollars! Six Games of NFL Season play amounts to a lot of money. He only plays 16 Games per season. So, its like 40% of his yearly wage paid in penalties to the NFL. Even then, that isn't enough to appease Feminists who wanted more vigilante justice placed upon Ray Rice. Worst of all, the very pro liberal MSM nutjobs of Sports Networks demanding MORE on Commissioner of the NFL. So when is ENOUGH money on a Player enough?
He and his families are huge Football fans, especially College ball. Why not Willie? Enjoy and give so much back.
So what are "laws & regulations" to a Democrat? Just impediments to their plans to recognize certain laws and only a fractional part of any law that works to their favour. Much like the southern Border problem. Democrats don't see a problem with hundreds of thousands of illegals trespassing across an international border. Nope, dems future Democrat voters there. don't do anything about it, unless of course they cast ballots of Republicans. Then that's a horse of different colour. Ask yourselves. If all those illegal border jumpers were Republican Voters, that border would be shut down, fenced up, mined, and machine gun turrets the length of it sealing off Mexico to the US.
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