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Is it me, but I watched the Ted Cruz questions to Ms. Lynch. She never answers the question. NEVER... She is super well trained to avoid answering the most basic questions. That 's the problem between Cruz and Lynch, asking too difficult to clearly reply question. Just plain ask her, when a person from a foreign land crosses our International Border without due process. Are they or are they not in violation of US Law? If they have broken the Law, does it not apply that the person who broke our US immigration laws be removed forth with once apprehended? How in the heck can an illegal trepasser border jumper get immediate citizenship and health & welfare, and drivers licences which requires -- a clean record...
you have to be kidding. Pass the First Test? Ask her this, if and when an illegal trespasser crosses over the border "did they or did they NOT BREAK THE FREAKING LAW"? As the most senior legal person entrusted to enforce the LAW, is it not your responsibility to enforce all of the laws of the United States pertaining to law breakers? From comments made by Madame Lynch, she pretty well said she writes the laws or deliberately avoids certain aspects of Laws to fit her opinions. this is madness.
with the NON stories of the last few years of hurricane seasons. Our Agenda driven progressives need a spin story narrative to support the Climate Change Cause. I'm surprised these progressives didn't call the winter storm normal for Winter Weather an indication of Global Warming.
With " OPEN BORDERS " compared to controlled access immigration. Every numbnut infected or contagious illegal walks right on in and spreads their "wonderful" to the rest of us. with controlled immigration applicants for Immigration prove before entry they've had Vaccinations. today? walk right on in, it don't matter if you are infected with everything. Hey, if questioned. Lie about it. You are already broke the law upon being an illegal trespasser. Hell, may as well infect the people within the US with communicable illnesses too.
stop the speculation stuff.
think of it this way. Today's millenials have NO CONNECTION to 1930's, 40's, 50's, and 60's childhood illnesses. They've been protected by multi generations of vaccination completed Parents. Rare was the day anyone showed signs of German Measles. Not now, Disneyland proved that out. Then you have the squawking bobblehead TV female daytime shows which openly advocated "not vaccinating" because it causes autism. No proof though, but innuendo is just as good huh Jenny McCarthy? The facts are, vaccinations saved millions and millions of lives. It saved equally many from blindness, being deaf, arthritis, sterilization, or how about polio's paralysis. Yes, there are some people negatively affected by vaccinations. SOME, but very few. But the good far and away overshadows the few. But how do you follow some dopey bobblehead Jenny McCarthy with her MSM celebrity platform and faceless nameless CDC group? It's well proven there is NO CORRELATION BETWEEN VACCINATIONS FOR CHILDHOOD COMMUNICABLE ILLNESS AND AUTISM. But then again, bobbleheads agree to anything between 9am and Noon before Day's of Our Lives.
tesla? are you freaking kidding me? TESLA? Nobody can afford a TESLA car! Hate to break the bubble, but nobody with a straight face would even look at a TESLA car. Sure, I'd take one for free. But buy one? Not a chance.
tightening the noose of questioning so much control by liberal MSM. And you have now seen WHY too much control by one group promotes mismanagement by these same liberals to use their new found strength wisely. So, what's next? If you own that much POWER corruptible use of that power overwhelms the people who do control it. This is dangerous territory now being they've been given so much and they lied about how they would exert ownership with responsibility.
Liberalism must rely on sentimentalist attitudes to sell its value. Nobody can care for you better than any liberal can care for you. Just ask any liberal? this is the problem with arguments with liberals. They care more than anyone or even you. It's also why, the Public School Systems are sold liberalism for so many years to young people. Liberals need a captive audience and influence by authorative methods liberalism. Look at the mess our universities are in. You cannot have any conservative speaker or representative be on a university campus without a demonstration. How in peet can liberals be the persons of " Freedom Man, Freedom of Speech Man". Yet they are the most repressive, bunch of lying skunks. Ban this, ban that, nanny state. Honest to goodness. Liberalism is a mental illness.
I'm looking up the WHITE ACTORS Guild. Having trouble finding WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, WET, on the TV Channels. Can't find any. I'm also looking up Al, the WHITE CONGRESSIONAL CONGRESS, WCC, can't seem to find that one either Al.
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