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Put up all the video information leads you want. Progressives --- DON'T GET IT. Progressives flock to the Middle East, Islamic radicalized zones to change them. It's a mental illness of liberalism to go places to tell them how to lead their lives, like it or not. how many times does it take by Sharia-ist Muslims and their legions of Mullahs telling you -- LIBERALS-- they do not assimilate into western society, and it's their sworn belief to change westerners to Islam or death. Pretty darn explicit huh? Yet, there you go, western liberals flocking into radical Islam countries then being scooped up and beheaded. Message here progressives. Islamic radicals don't -- need you anymore. There is the internet and instant messaging by hand held phones capturing the event - immediately. Releasing it, immediately. So you really don't need photo journalists or media journalists at the scene writing about it. dopey left leaning westerners -- are the story now. Heck they line up and get their heads cut off doing it -- for the moment. So, go ahead liberal journalist. Line up, buy a ticket to the Middle East. Be the "MOMENT, experience the MOMENT. Be the Story". Except don't expect us to bail you out when the radicals cut your damned head off. They warned you.
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The Third Rail of Domestic Violence

Jeff293 Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 11:12 PM
why is it the NFL's Head Offices business to impose MORE penalites and suspensions? And who the heck gives a Private Business criminal case evidence so that the Private Business in this case the NFL can impose any more Social Justice penalities? You have Cops arresting people for video imaging captures of Police during the course of their work. You have court cases thrown out when evidence is improperly submitted according to liberalism in the Courtrooms. Here you have a video image, provided to a Private Company, NFL Head Office to the Commissioneer, without the consent or knowledge of Ray Rice or his now spouse. TMZ had no right to the video images nor release these images without "consent" of Ray Rice and his now Wife. And where does the NFL get off appeasing the Feminists of society who only wanted a Pound of Flesh from Ray Rice. How is it that Hollywood who has more degenerate behaviour and criminal acts doesn't sanction the employment and impose Fines against their warped members of the Screen Actors Guild? What about Music celebrities too? How come the NFL players are placed on this so called pedestal of social retribution imposed penalities? Does the CEO of General Motors call in Production Line Supervisors or Workers who committed Domestic Violence at home? Are they handed a "FINE" and booted out of their jobs because they broke a law? And HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Ray Rice's penalties amounted to tens of millions of dollars! Six Games of NFL Season play amounts to a lot of money. He only plays 16 Games per season. So, its like 40% of his yearly wage paid in penalties to the NFL. Even then, that isn't enough to appease Feminists who wanted more vigilante justice placed upon Ray Rice. Worst of all, the very pro liberal MSM nutjobs of Sports Networks demanding MORE on Commissioner of the NFL. So when is ENOUGH money on a Player enough?
He and his families are huge Football fans, especially College ball. Why not Willie? Enjoy and give so much back.
So what are "laws & regulations" to a Democrat? Just impediments to their plans to recognize certain laws and only a fractional part of any law that works to their favour. Much like the southern Border problem. Democrats don't see a problem with hundreds of thousands of illegals trespassing across an international border. Nope, dems future Democrat voters there. don't do anything about it, unless of course they cast ballots of Republicans. Then that's a horse of different colour. Ask yourselves. If all those illegal border jumpers were Republican Voters, that border would be shut down, fenced up, mined, and machine gun turrets the length of it sealing off Mexico to the US.
I could easily shake Sean Hannity's hand and know quite certainly I wouldn't get a disease from it. Can't say the same of Russel Brand.
what an interesting dilemma. Here you have Obama basically sitting on his butt while millions of actual applicants of legal immigration wait a long time whilst US Immigration Department people sort through the Applicant forms. There's an awful lot of money spent on the Department of Immigration. So I beg to question Democrats supporting Amnesty of Illegals, what do you do with the millions of legal applicants whom have spent years trying to prove their Application Form to US Officials to come to the US legally? This is disgusting to all legal applicant Immigrants who get lumped into this mess created by exploitive Democrats whom are using this situation as another "CRIS" to feed off of for Democratic Party benefit. question, could the Democrat "insiders" be gainfully getting kickback money from Mexican Cartel Organized Crime Groups taking money off the illegals getting through Mexico? you had numerous Mexican Government Military situations where, Mexican Military Helicopters fired on US Border Control people, and Mexican Ground Troops fired on US Border Patrols. All this - on US Mainland territory. We know that corruption is rampant in Mexico. So, don't you think that just maybe, Eric Holder and others in special places of the White House might be turning a blind eye and doing absolutely nothing just might be secretly profitting off illegals sneaking in under the cover of darkness.
Let's just say the Obama's and the Clinton's keep their mutual hatred of each other behind closed doors. But like all closed doors, even TMZ will find a way to record this vendetta of lust of power. The Clinton's were gutted when upstart Obama got the 2008 nod over Hilliary. But insider progressives had a "wish list" of First-Of's, that meant even as much as they loved having a Hilliary Clinton - First Female US President, to shore up all future elections they had to have Barry Obama First Black President at all cost. So the Clinton's held their collective noses and backed Obama. But don't for a moment misunderstand, Bill Clinton has a lot of political undercover dirt bags whom know a lot about young Barry Obama. There is a file of Barry Obama in the Clinton war chest. Likewise, the Obama Social Activists have a lot of dirt on Hilliary Clinton. So like a Mexican Standoff each holding a gun on each other. Each stepped back and Clinton's stepped back first between the Obama Camp, and the Socialist entities of the Democratic Party each squarely aiming at the Clinton's with massive dirt if Barry doesn't get in with "their" conditions. Barry would vote and do everything that the Social Activists want in return Barry would be the First Black President. Barry would keep his back history hidden, socialists get their Czars, communists put into high places, eco-liberals get their warped EPA rules and worse Green Energy Plans. And " Hope & Change " will destablize the Constitution. Likewise, do nothing Southern Border flooding of illegals permits massive destablization of Texas and many Big Cities turning into cesspools of Democrat Voter Blocks. so two pieces of the Mexican Standoff are in place, and Hilliary will get her nod as next President. Texas will be overrun with Hispanic Illegal Cheats. Big Cities in Texas will become Democrat, Texas will become a Democrat State, and for the next 100 years, it will be impossible for a Republican to become President. Because of a trifecta of three progressive groups behind closed doors agreed in part to permit Barry Obama to become President first, and Hilliary Clinton the heir apparent second. But the outcome of these two will be the destruction of the Constitutution of the United States which excludes any possibility for decades to come a Republican will be sitting in the White House.
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Dumb & Dumber

Jeff293 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 4:33 AM
Please drop this "religious" stuff in commenting this decision. You will lose every time against the liberal media and elections. This "Ruling" was about passing the buck onto an Employer for the sexual conduct of its employees. It has nothing to do with disease, or pain, or any such illness that requires medical attention. This decision was about obligating another person in this case a Company to pay for the sexual conduct of its female employees. This leads me to say, at no time or ever has Females been denied their Right to be sexual. But its been the argument by Feminists and liberals to say, that its their right to expect their neigbour to cover the costs of their sexuality. Yes, the Company is owned by devout Christians. We all agree to that. But is it the Company's responsibility to cover the costs in Health Benefits for sexual products? Equally speaking, if liberals demand Companies to pay for Female Birth Inhibiting Products. So could a Company set Female Procreation Limits on its Employees. Let's face it, the cost of females taking extending time off from work to care for a child, and then do so numerous times is a massive cost onto the Employer. Don't Companies have "rights" likewise to define certain expectations of female employees whom might exploit the workplace?
Myself smoke until you drop. But don't get behind the wheel of a vehicle or show up at work influenced by drugs. But there lies the problem with Pot. Pot has zero consistency with product sold to the people who demand access to the commodity. Today's POT is not the 1960-70's Panama Gold. today's Pot is a hybrid of selective pot plant improvements that made the old stuff pale in comparison to the Bud of Today. But the perception of the sale is this benine plant of yesterday but its this HIGH PERFORMANCE growth of massive impact on the user in relation to us the Public dealing with overdrugged misfits. Also, not being told but is the massive Tar release of modern Pot Plant Joints as compared to the same equivalent size and weight of cigarette tobacco products.
No Socialist Democrat sitting in the White House want this woman to open her mouth. With the 2014 Election coming. The last thing the Democrats want now is any testimony by Lerner before any Committee. Especially one that will guarantee, the most dreaded person a Socialist Demcrat wants to see before them, Trey Gowdy. He will be gunning for Lerner and will publicly disembowel her in Committee. So don't expect her to give any testimony now or in the future. She proven to Senior Level White House Administration people. SHE HAS A BIG MOUTH.
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