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so you've spent many years doing the "right thing" in applying legally to immigrate to the United States. You spent hundreds of hours preparing papers, visiting your doctor, did all the right things. Supplied all the legal personal paperwork to be granted a Green Card. You did your "due diligence". And along come a Democrat elected President who cut your guts out by permitting infected, lying, cheating, criminals to bypass the Immigration Lines and be granted American Status without Documentation. You spent perhaps, a few thousand dollar per person making sure you dotted the "i's", and crossed the "t's". You know what? It doesn't mean squat. All you have to do, is run across the border in the south lands and steal away bypassing the Immigration Application Process. It's insane how progressives ruined the Department of Immigration. Why pay that Department when all you have to do is cheat. Why are these people in this department being paid a wage when with a stroke of a pen. President Obama walks all over them permitting -- international border trespassers, free passage into the United States without screening.
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The Cancer of Multiculturalism

Jeff293 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 1:26 AM
nobody in against being multi cultural. What has happened is the progressives used the multi cultural society as the perfect pigeon holing of ethnicities. Each is a separate compartment of ethnicities whom can be played one against the other for political favors. In return, each multi culture is enabled to "not" assimilate with the whole. In fact, the immigrant or culture is permitted to be a micro-region of the Old Country and ghettoized into nice perfect pigeon hole blocks of cultures. Heck, you can immigrate into western liberal countries and live decades without learning the language of the Host Country. In fact, you can make English the Second Language. You don't even have to learn about the Capital City, or its history. You don't have to know about the government. Unless told whom to vote for by your local liberal leader who controls the pigeon hole region. We will tell you whom to vote for. Multiculturalism was the grand experiment by progressives to cement divisions between cultures. You know, our great grandparents who were new immigrants didn't need State Ordered Multiculturalism programs. They knew who they were and accepted the fact they left the OLD to assimilate into a wonderful country that accepted them penniless and poorly educated. This country let them own a store, buy a house, and play ball at the community park. The Old Country, you never owned your house, you worked for the Nobles, and you did as you were told.
I give condolences to the family but I have to say though. This young woman was not the person whom we read about. She has a very photogenic image. But the background of this woman is quite frankly outrageous. Be careful to not get sucked into her story line, because her background was not what I've been reading very friendly to others. I've read of her disaffection towards Jews. Or her anti western attitudes to us in North America.
where George Washington did everything to be a Common Man. He could have been the King of North America. George Washington did the opposite of establishing the first Commoners Monarchy based in North America. George Washington, made the Constitution his banner, and immediately made the United States the most unique places on the planet. A place where a Common Man could be President over the many and responsible to the many. Can you believe this man, George Washington, even upon death demanded not to be treated like that of a Napolean Bonaparte. Not to be entombed like a King. No, what did the First President demand, a Common Man's grave. Honest to goodness this statement, even upon death speaks volumes. Can you say this of President Barak Obama? He treats his time period of POTUS as if he is a monarch. He selectively chooses which piece of the Constitution fits his agendas. And Obama is suppose to be a Constitutional Expert teaching Constitiutional Law in University. Holy Cats, he doesn't get it and bends the Constitution to fit his extremism viewpoints. George Washington would be aghast if he had met a Barak Obama. The two men are totally opposite of what the fight of the democratically elected Republic is.
honest to goodness, where do these progressives dig up these morons. The " Not Ready For Primetime Players" Democrats keep coming out of the wood work. Can you believe the comments from these people? Talk about dumb.
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The Climate Con Goes On

Jeff293 Wrote: Feb 21, 2015 3:59 PM
personally living about the Great Lakes and listening to progressives whine on about global warming makes me laugh. Its been typically Normal Great Lakes traditional weather. We are not accustomed to North American Great Lakes traditional wealther. But leftist leaning activists need an Event to justify intervention. So they've found an achilles heel called "environmentalism" to tag their whacky leftist over regulations upon. It had nothing to do with environmental issues, but look at the wording of their regulations. BANGO, socialism. Even, an IPCC senior UN executive was caught saying this recently. It is to promote state socialist agendas using an environmentalist platform. We have had what 18 years of consistently cold or normal weather patterns in the Great Lakes. But what did NASA insider liberals release to the News, 2014 was the hottest year on record. WHERE? No time I had found last year around the east end of Lake Ontario was over 90 degrees F. I didn't run the AC last year summer except to dehumidify my home. I ran the AC, no more that 8 total times. So, again, tell me about global warming. ICE growth in the Arctic and Antarctic had massive ice field growth. Again, progressive leaning media fail to mention their stories are a tad disengenous. Another is the scientists who supplied reports to the UN, IPCC, were once again found cheating the official records. Nope, liberal media fail once again to report the news.
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The "Jobs for Jihad Delinquents" Program

Jeff293 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 5:23 AM
is it me but are the White House executives the very best " Not Ready For Primetime Players"? You had that Black Horn Rimmed Glasses, spokesperson Hauf, with the signature pose University stylized dopey look. All that was missing was the face contorted mouth squenched to one side. She moaned about fixing all the Middle East problems by stating, these people need jobs. Say what? Excuse me, they publically set aside 'their job" Ms.Hauf so that they can join the jihad and exterminate infidels. They tell it to your face too Ms. Hauf. But the shear number of these idealistic nuts who make up the White House is unbelievable. Where the hell do these people come from? You know these social activist idealogues who comprise the Senior positions in the White House? Is this the BEST OF THE BEST the United States university system can produce. Honest to goodness nobody can be that stupid. And worse, somebody honour that woman with a University degree. You know, that is pretty messed up. Could we agree, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. If there were moderates then how in the heck can they go to their Mosque and sit there with so many stories of their Faith Followers doing all these outrageous crimes against humanity? Do you realize, in a short few months of 2015 the total amount of carnage Islam metered out against Coptic Christians? Nobody does these things that Islam does, nobody..
gotta love the White House " Not Ready For Primetime Players". She has her Black Horn Rimmed Glib Liberal Glasses, the prepared university dumb idealistic commentary. Honest to goodness where do they dig these morbidly dumb people up? Are these Peace Corp rejects? I'm surprised she didn't do a White Privilege, hashtag something, dopey face contortion glibberism. It's that bad folks with the social activist lead White House. they have under trained wannabee recent University political science grads as executives. None of them have any experience aside for Debate Club and Pork Rind Ring Toss competitors.
Hold da Press, HOLD DA PRESSES. Firstly, wasn't it NASA that claimed once again, that we had in 2014 the warmest year on record. Weird, but last year was the first year that I can recall that I didn't actually run my home Air Conditioning Unit in the Great Lakes Region of North America because it never got HOT.... I thought I was in a Record Year of Global Warming? I actually tracked last year with a handy dandy Apple APP which daily charted my location temperatures. I have this years tracked as well. I realized, we never once went 2014 over 100*F all summer. I don't recall any days over 90*F last summer. At least multiple days of 90plus*F. This winter too, has been seasonable cold as per traditional North American Great Lakes cold Winter. Now, if I had followed the global warming Al Gore hockey stick principle, the Eastern Great Lakes should be warm like South Carolina, or northern Florida right now. Please remember folks, Al Gore said it was to be this way, Right NOW! As you recall, the Northern Pole ice cap should be totally open. Sea levels rising and pretty well submerging NYC, and Pacific Ocean islands. Ah, where is the callamity? Why hasn't the Oceans risen at least, 5 feet? Why is the Great Lakes frozen in winter, when Climate Change promoters told us we are all going to die. Where these grossly more terrible STORMS what are to whisk us away with massive tornados, hurricanes, and floods of immense proportions never seen before? oooops, but let it be known. a senior leading member of the IPCC, United Nations was caught saying that it was a scam to use the "environment" as a means to promote a worldwide socialist agenda. Well now, isn't that interesting. So, why didn't the liberal media pick up on that story. Could it be the liberal Press is too chummy with leftist causes and not so good at "reporting the NEWS".
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The Disease Debate of 2015

Jeff293 Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 3:43 AM
this is such an interesting problem. You had a significant number of generations whom "had to" be inocculated from childhood communicable diseases. We had a large segment of time, where our inocculated people basically removed from our western existence certain communicable illnesses that today's recent generational group have never seen or experienced. Go through any cemetery and read the Dates of the Deceased. Especially the young. Now, if you can. Go use a web site that can research Family lines, like Ancestry.com. Look at your family in the 1800's, early 1900's, right on up to the 1950's. Incredible numbers of young vibrant children snuffed from life because of childhood communicable illnesses. Todays progressiveness driven culture has no recollection of the past. What is German Measles? What is Whooping Cough? What is TB? What is Mumps? How about polio? Because our Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers were so efficient with eradicating these awful childhood communicable diseases. today's progressives by the likes of celebrity opinionated shills like Jenny McCarthy used mass media Female TV Glabbermouth Shows to blame what? Oh yeah, an assumption that Autism caused my child to be ill with his disability. No proof though, just an ex porn stars opinions. The facts of millions of lives per year are saved by Childhood Innoculation Programs is immaterial. According to the Jenny McCarthy's out there and their dopey beliefs. Don't vaccinate your kid. so, many many female gabfest opinionators pushed this anti vaccination belief out there. They you combine a porous southern border permissiveness to allow illegal disease infected persons access to inner city places. Even take employment into high density places, even DisneyLand for goodness sakes. BANGO! a prime time breeding ground of disease welcomes dysfunctional parents. You just exposed your son or daughter to a childhood communicable illness and your kid doesn't have the protections to ward off the illness. What is it for German Measles, contracting it? 90% infection rate? Why did our past ancestors demand innoculations? Easy. too many children then were rendered blind, deaf, sterile, brain damaged, rheumatoid arthritis, incapable to walk, damaged lungs. Even now, many many young doctors have never seen German Measles aside from old Doctors magazines and books. thank you progressives for being what you are really are. STUPID...
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