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Colorado Democrat Lectures Rape Survivor Amanda Collins About Rape "Statistics"

Jeff2853 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 2:20 PM
The problem Ms. Hudak and most liberal women have is that they are so ugly they are in no danger of ever being sexually assaulted. And if by chance they are a victim of an attack, they subscribe to the passive resistance theory as it is probably the only way they see any action at all....

Colorado's Democratic lawmakers considering more gun control in the state have once again proven they are way in over their heads when it comes to discussing the issue of rape and concealed carry on campus. Three weeks ago, Democratic Rep. Joe Salazar suggested rape whistles and call boxes were sufficient enough for women to prevent rape. Another Democratic lawmaker, Jesse Ulibarri suggested people use ballpoint pens to fight back against a gun wielding madman on a rampage. The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

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