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Stunning Setback to Obamacare

Jeff2721 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 10:11 AM
Robert's umpire analogy became worthless when he saved a pitch (PPACA) as a strike.
Any conservative that fails to vote for a less than ideal candidate and in effect allows a progressive to be elected is a fool. Is it possible that low conservative voter turnout occurs in districts or states that have no chance for their candidate to win? Is the doctor talking to the tea party? Are they the ones that should put their beliefs aside? Have they not been doing that all along and found it to be unsatisfactory? Conservatives lose because they have been unable to put a price on the benefit of increasing freedom / individual liberty. Progressive can run on increasing the minimum wage by x, or increased federal funding by x for project y. What price do you put on a constitutionally limited federal government?
That may be his approach. So tell me, where are you willing to compromise? What principle will you put aside to attract someone to the party or to induce them to vote for candidates that you support?
I am just pointing out the contradiction in the good Doctor's reasoning. Maybe he gets to his desired state by compromising but it seems that we are already advocating for these kind of people. Should we be lees sincere about it? I don't buy into the compromise theory because it's always the right that compromises. Let the left compromise by agreeing to a little less government than the "a lot" less government that we support.
"These representatives must believe in personal responsibility and creating a business-friendly environment, understand the balance between abundant fossil-fuel development and environmental safety, and yearn to elevate the government-dependent 47 percent rather than make them more dependent. They also must be totally pro-life and believe that the rule of law can undo a host of damaging regulations and restore the value system that made this nation great. " What is your compromise position on this statement?
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