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I don't know what these two are -- they are obviously too chickensh*t to be mooslims. It's depressing to see that our current elites are morons.
You're on the right track there, Rip. She and her professor husband make nearly a million a year for teaching a couple of hours a week. They argue that they deserve it because they care about the common man. You and I may work 80 hours a week to (not) build a business and put actual common people to work. All we get is to be taken to the cleaners. I'm sharpening my pitchfork and oiling up my torch.
Three, by recent count.
Well 2422, you obviously come from a time before "the self" was the most important thing in the universe. This infantile college trend of tantrum-throwing isn't about morality or even politics. It's simply the current faddish way to shout "look at ME!!!" You're a class act.
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Wage Discrimination

Jeff2590 Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 5:53 PM
There is only one solution to the gender pay gap: Effective immediately, all males will receive an 11.5% pay cut and all females will receive an immediate 11.5% pay increase. Isn't social justice wonderful?
I didn't realize that Hank Kingsley from the Larry Sanders Show was a college professor.
Everyone -- including cop killers -- is entitled to a vigorous defense by law. But Mr. Adegbile didn't "defend" Mumia -- he got him off death row by selling a story that the jury was somehow racist. Adegbile's motivation was political, not judicial. It's an insult to an American's intelligence to wrap him in the flag. Mr. Obama, we know what's up. Adegbile is no different from the KKK Grand Poobah who also happens to be the sheriff, dispensing "justice" according to his own special interest.
Adegbile likely thought that a stint in the Mumia camp would earn him some publicity and cred in "the community." But when you make stupid choices like that, you gotta live with the consequences. There is no way that this rayciss should be anywhere near the Justice Department.
So the Center for American Progress sez: "... stations owned by women, minorities, or local owners are statistically less likely to air conservative hosts or shows." This clearly indicates bias against conservatives on the part of these stations. Let's get Holder on the case to prosecute these bigots.
Nagin's Chocolate City speech was delivered on MLK Day. The term is oft-used by African-Americans to describe a city that is majority black and is under black rule. Nagin used it in that context. There was nothing multi-cultural about it.
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