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The one-in-four statistic only counts for exotic dancers who perform at Super Bowl parties attended by lacrosse teams made up entirely of Republican leaders named Barry.
Ben Emmerson? Isn't he Sandra Fluke's boyfriend?
Haha. "Not only did they anally rape me, I had to buy my own condoms!!?!!?!"
If they were merely ignorant, they might have a chance. But that kind of stupidity is irreparable.
Democrats have always preferred negative ads to positive ads. Their election strategy for the past decade-and-a-half has been "The GOP is evil" and nothing more. If the GOP wanted to give them a dose of their own medicine, they should wait until the last week before the election and barrage the electorate with an unending stream of dirt on every Democrat in sight. Most people only remember the last thing they heard.
I don't know what these two are -- they are obviously too chickensh*t to be mooslims. It's depressing to see that our current elites are morons.
You're on the right track there, Rip. She and her professor husband make nearly a million a year for teaching a couple of hours a week. They argue that they deserve it because they care about the common man. You and I may work 80 hours a week to (not) build a business and put actual common people to work. All we get is to be taken to the cleaners. I'm sharpening my pitchfork and oiling up my torch.
Three, by recent count.
Well 2422, you obviously come from a time before "the self" was the most important thing in the universe. This infantile college trend of tantrum-throwing isn't about morality or even politics. It's simply the current faddish way to shout "look at ME!!!" You're a class act.
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