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Everyone -- including cop killers -- is entitled to a vigorous defense by law. But Mr. Adegbile didn't "defend" Mumia -- he got him off death row by selling a story that the jury was somehow racist. Adegbile's motivation was political, not judicial. It's an insult to an American's intelligence to wrap him in the flag. Mr. Obama, we know what's up. Adegbile is no different from the KKK Grand Poobah who also happens to be the sheriff, dispensing "justice" according to his own special interest.
Adegbile likely thought that a stint in the Mumia camp would earn him some publicity and cred in "the community." But when you make stupid choices like that, you gotta live with the consequences. There is no way that this rayciss should be anywhere near the Justice Department.
So the Center for American Progress sez: "... stations owned by women, minorities, or local owners are statistically less likely to air conservative hosts or shows." This clearly indicates bias against conservatives on the part of these stations. Let's get Holder on the case to prosecute these bigots.
Nagin's Chocolate City speech was delivered on MLK Day. The term is oft-used by African-Americans to describe a city that is majority black and is under black rule. Nagin used it in that context. There was nothing multi-cultural about it.
Don't hold your breath. The HuffPoo is getting worse every day.
It's Bush's fault ... and all those racist republicans, too.
I'll support the "free abortion on demand" movement when they support my "free Ferrari on demand" proposal.
The social worker sez: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and I'm out of a job!
Do all those question marks mean that you're really mad at us, or are you an economics professor? While increased demand has a positive impact on job creation, when that demand is the result of government transfer payments, it mitigates job creation by taking ever more money out of the private sector (where all wealth is created, btw). And by what twisted Pelosian logic do you conclude that taking people off the dole and putting them back to work will be bad for the economy?
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Michael Moore: Obamacare is Awful

Jeff2590 Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 5:13 PM
Yes, but don't you understand that if we all wish hard enough, it will all work out fine (the Tinkerbell Effect). You are so right -- the default government solution for a major policy screw-up is more money for an even bigger policy screw-up.
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