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Will Obama Shun 'Perpetual War'?

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 1:04 PM
I am not so sure Obama will need to "go to war." The war will likely come to us. When comes to the bad guys around the world, they see us as a paper tiger, especially with Obama in charge. Heck, we have made no response for the Libya fiasco. Our first reaction to the Algerians not negotiating with terrorists was caution. North Korea says they will nuke us. Iran is on its merry way to nukes. And Obama is sending 200 of our best tanks and 16 F-16's to Morsi as "aid". Obama not only does not confront the bad guys, heck, he arms them. When the bad guys stop laughing at us, any "war" will be on our doorstep.
Reginald10 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 4:11 PM
Don't forget he also armed our good friends, the Mexican drug cartels. And that war isn't just on "their" side of the border any more.
Midway through his inaugural address, Barack Obama proclaimed, "A decade of war is now ending." A cynical listener might respond: "And a new decade of war is about to begin." Obama sounded pacific notes Monday. But it will be a huge surprise if he can get through four years without going to war.

Military force should not be a frequent recourse for our leaders. For the first century or so of the republic, it wasn't. Leaving aside the intermittent war against the Indians, wars were few and widely spaced.

Beginning with World War II, though, American presidents grew much more inclined to send...