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Under a Second Obama Term, a More Dependent Nation

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 12:28 PM
The new movie coming out called "2016:Nation under Obama" (something like that) is interesting. It essentially argues that Obama is not driven by the ususal American liberal views. It traces his ideology to anti-imperialism, the ideology "from" his father, reverend Wright, and others. This approach sees American as an imperial and oppressive nation on the foreign scene and internally as a class stratified country with oppressors (usually successful whites) and the oppressed (everybody else). So dependency is a means to buy votes so he can stay in power. His overall plan is to make us a debtor nation unable to affect much of anything at home or abroad. He will use our own generosity and system to bring us down to being just another country.
rwright Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 12:45 AM
You are already a debtor nation, and you are also "just another country" to everyone in the world except yourselves.
Jeff2422 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 12:35 PM
I suspect there is something to the movie's premise. I saw a video of Obama at a NAACP convention and the big issue was reparations for slavery. When Obama spoke, he said that reparations are a bad idea. He rceived some boos for his initial statement. But, he went on to say that what they really should do is lobby for programs, all kinds of programs targeted at the African-American community. The reason was that reparations was just a one-time deal and then "they can forget about you." But, prograns are forever and you create an entrenced constiuency that never goes away. He left the podium to thunderous applause. He thinks of programs, like Obamacare, as a means to entrenching certain voting patterns, but his real end is much more sinister
Conservatives worry that if Barack Obama is re-elected, today's trillion-plus federal deficits and ballooning national debt will continue to grow far into the future.

Conservatives worry that if Obama is re-elected, the implementation of Obamacare will lay the foundation for a single-payer federal health care system.

And conservatives worry that if the president is re-elected, the Justice Department will continue to crush state initiatives dealing with issues like immigration and voter ID; that the president's ideology-driven green energy programs will lead to billions more in wasted spending; and that Obama will undermine desperately needed entitlement reform.

All those are serious...