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The Muslim World Hates the U.S. More Than Ever

Jeff2422 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 4:26 PM
Obama is a fool, and so is anyone who thinks that there will not always be someone who hates American individual freedom. The US of A is an anamoly in history. Most people have lived under some form of government that does not highly value individual freedom. Facism, Communism, and Socialism all see the indvidual as part of a mass of individuals that need government to control them in some form or another. Strict Marxist Communism claims the state will wither away, but that doesn't happen as people don't give up power for nothing. Islam believes in a direct connection between church and state. It means "submission" and in this world that means submission to theocracy which is antithetical to individual freedom. So they hate us.

If there was one thing the left was certain about in 2008 it was this: George W. Bush had catastrophically undermined America's world reputation with his unprovoked aggression and use of torture. The advent of Obama would reverse the damage. As Andrew Sullivan wrote in 2007, among best assets Obama brought to the "rebranding" of America was "his face." The election of Obama and his friendly approach to the Muslim world would make the United States safer as well as more just.

No one believed this tale more fervently than Obama himself. His first official act was to direct the...