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Report: Sad Federal Employees :(

Jeff2422 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 1:48 PM
I believe it was Max Von Weblin (pronounce Veblin) that wrote that bureaucracy justs breads more bureaucracy. He wrote this over a hundred years ago. It is just common sense. If one creates a bureaucracy to solve a problem, then it never will, and actually will find more problems for it to allegedly "tackle" or "address". Why? Because if a bureaucracy actually declared victory over a problem, then the bureacrats would be out of a job. Not going to happen. That is the problem with Marxism which predicts that after a time the proletarian government of the state will just "whither away" as everyone pursues their potential out of an egalitarian sense of fulfillment without remuneration. Right, and pigs fly.

Federal employees are overpaid and underworked (probably a good thing), but a tear-jerker in today’s Washington Post reports that “job satisfaction across the government has hit its lowest point in almost a decade”:

It’s no secret that federal workers are feeling worn down. They’ve had their salaries frozen and are at the center of a partisan debate over the value of their work. A report due out Thursday, based on the largest sample ever of the workforce of 2 million, confirms a steady decline in morale...