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Redefining Marriage Sign of a Lost Society

Jeff2422 Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 12:51 PM
As Ben Frankilin told a lady when she asked him after the Constitutional Convention, "what did we get?", he responded: "dear lady, you got a republic, if you can keep it." It was clear to Ben and the other founders that for a republic to survive there was a prerequisite that the population have a solid morality based on God and consequences. Futher, the country needed statesmen that were equally, if not more so, moral in their standards. You might notice that Ben did not run for public office, but was very good in "foriegn affairs." As Dirty Harry said, "you got to know your limitations." Star is saying all bets are off, including the republic's survival.

One significant development in the recent election was votes in four states approving same sex marriage initiatives. Until now, all previous state referenda to approve same sex marriage – 32 of them - failed.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page – a place where conservatives usually turn for intellectual capital – saw this as cause for celebration.

According to the Journal, marriage definition should come from voters, not from court orders. Americans, they argue, have “shown themselves more than capable of changing their views on gay marriage the democratic way.”

In other words, our definition of marriage should follow process, not...