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The unforced error is the GOP not finding a real resident of Kansas who is at least appears to be a couple decades from the morgue. It is one of the biggest problems with the GOP, the establishment hardly ever moves over, and usually die in office. One thing you can say about the Dems, there are a lot of crusty old ones, but a large percentage retire after 75, not enough, but more than the GOP.
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Local or National Elections?

Jeff2422 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 9:32 AM
As usual, the good Dr. hits the nail on the head. It is hard to get people to understand what Obama is really about, they just don't want to believe they were wrong by such a wide margin. What some confuse as incompetence is a misunderstanding of the "total war" approach to politics. Most people are used to a POTUS that will at least do the right thing on the big stuff, especially when lives are in the balance. Benghazi and Fast and Furious should have put that one to rest, but folks just don't want to believe the callousness of people like Obama (can throw in Reid and Pelosi). They have long term goals and know that Congress, with the Supremes blessing, over time has ceded the vast majority of its authority to the executive branch. The coup de grace is to fill the federal bench with true believers, and the power shift is complete, as any Congressional action to take back its authority will be shot down from the bench. The electoral map severely favors any Dem POTUS candidate, so with Congress a lame duck, it is game, set, and match for executive branch administrative rule. Heck, the EPA has made-up its own rules for wage garnishments to enforce its rulings and has somewhat successfully has talked the courts into very limited review of its edicts. Not much left when an Agency can be judge, jury, and executioner with little to no judicial review.
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Parallel Reconstruction

Jeff2422 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 12:39 PM
The Judge seems confused about the FISA Court buying the argument of the government, but there should be no confusion. A secret court, non-public contrived court allows a secretive, non-public, contrived agency to do what it wants. What is the confusion? Neither entity was contemplated by the Constitution, so what does the 4th Amendment matter to entities not sworn to uphold the Constitution.
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The Challenge: Pornography Pandemic

Jeff2422 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 12:26 PM
It does come down to the parents. As a friend of mine stated in a speech at a Christian Seminar, "we made sure every day our kids did their homework, that we knew the parents of the kids they stayed with, and took them to church regularly. We were the meanest parents in the school district. Now, both sons are pastors and one married his sister. That is, he presided over her marriage to another male Christian." It can be done, "but it is a full-time job in these times." My friend is right on the money. My wife and I were the other meanest parents, both of our kids are teachers and are embarrassed when I chase their mother around the table. You have to stay vigilant at all times.
The Founders understood the same problem. But, the Progressives/Liberals that have dominated our politics for 80 years have convinced most people to reject God's standards. Not surprising, this is the oldest story in human history.
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Is the French Revolution Our New Model?

Jeff2422 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 10:51 AM
Our next revolution will be like the French Revolution. We have allowed a political, social, cultural, and economic elite to take over the country through the concentration of power in the federal government which exceeds the Constitutional limits by millions of miles. As we decline morally and financially, we will either have a French Revolution to reinstitute individual liberty or we will sink into a Fascist political and economic system. The former could easily move towards Fascism, too, the latter is already being set into law through Cap and Trade, the ACA, and the Dodd-Frank laws and regulations. My bet is we sheepishly turn-over all power to a Fascist bureaucratic system and watch the country become a second-rate power lucky to guard its own borders. In the end, a weak USA means the rest of the world eats itself alive with a nuclear exchange causing massive devastation, and maybe our extinction. Always glad that I am closer to the end of my life than the beginning. Feel bad for younger people.
Really Ann, the Republicans choosing between voters and donors? You need to go to DC again to refresh your memory. Any of those people that go there for more than a few minutes forget the voters before the wheels touch the pavement at the airport. You are right, but don't count on any politicians choosing us over the money folks.
Sad to say, but you are right on the mark. Another reason churches are having so many problems, don't need God when you are your own God.
What John is identifying is an aristocracy, meaning rulers based on birth, position, group identification, or established wealth. We were the last country standing after WW II which made us rich and powerful. It went to our heads and we forgot what made this country special in the first place, that there is no aristocracy here. But, the Progressive/Liberals have created one, and it is running the country into the ground in the name of fairness and social justice which it is neither.
This has been a favorite tactic of the left for quite some time. Use the ballot as a tool to get out the vote by putting some liberal policy on the ballot as a state issue. In the states this has been done, it has had mixed results, but in a close race it could be a winning approach. The whole political system is just a game to these political people at the expense of the rest of us.
Who is amongst the 38% who couldn't figure this one out. Of course someone will be on the ground. Who is going to lase the targets, the local rodents?
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