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Why Lie? We are at War with Mexico

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 10:10 PM
Actually, Temporary Aid to Needy Families is not defined by legal custody or any legal status. You have a kid in your house that is not yours, you get aid regardless of income. Worked in the child support arena for years and was always perplexed by the lax welfare rules that were always an exception to the state laws requiring a legal status of some sort.
Let's see, an US marine cannot get back after a silly arrest. But, over 1,000 Central Americans can cross Mexico undocumented every day to get to the U.S. Sounds a little fishy. Just a little.
Someone explain how these folks are paying the $7k to $10k cost for getting across Mexico through the smugglers. These kids are not just hitch-hiking to the border. I smell George Soros and the liberal elite creating a mess to overwhelm the system and get their way de facto since they can not pass an amnesty law.
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15 Ways Liberals Are Like Bratty Kids

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 9:50 PM
Working for a living, $50,000 per family. Getting welfare in a blue state, $50,000 in benefits, tax free. Being a liberal with an never ending credit card charging your latest idea of how to create more dependent constituencies in order to win elections and keep power. Priceless.
Sorry, ask any drug counselor.
It is clear that the Dems at the national level are in lock-step and have a national organization to get their talking points out. This is especially true in the battleground states. The Repubs, not since Reagan, have been like the Dems were for decades, divided and not on the same page about much of anything. The reason is simple, all the Dems are true liberals, through and through, and have only one interest win elections in order to further the Progressive/Liberal agenda to take over the country. The Repubs are divided as to ideology, in fact, unlike the Dems, the rank and file want to disengage the federal government from most of the things it claims jurisdiction over. At bottom, it is always easier to create dependency than to wean people off of it. At any drug counselor how many people they have "cured" and they will eventually have to say "none."
When I originally read most (many parts are unreadable as they are a series of references or just standard funding language) of the ACA it was clear the word "state" was not generic, but meant a state level government. The real backbone of the law is to create a federal bureaucracy, and for 3 years bailout the insurance companies that would clearly lose money. This in turn would lead to a collapse of the insurance market after the 2016 elections. They anticipated Hillary to win and be ready to propose her single payer 1994 plan with over 50 agencies and committees already created and funded by the ACA to take over. That is the intention of the ACA, so the decision really doesn't matter, the ACA was designed to collapse on itself after 2016.
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A Primer on Race

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 12:32 PM
In American politics today, truth and what is best for the most amount of people is no longer relevant. Group politics and creating dependent constituent groups in order to win elections and further the Progressive/Liberal agenda is the point. The liberals know the truth, but the truth doesn't give the central government control, thus it is to be ignored and the purveyors of truth personally destroyed. I am sure that Riley is in for a bumpy career after this book.
No women embrace the nanny state, especially single women. The statistics are significant. Married women, especially those with jobs, vote Republican at over a 60% rate, in some places in the country as high as 80%. The original post is correct about single women. The percentage is even higher with single women who have a child(ren). The studies clearly show that women, and men, of child bearing years put no stock in fatherhood. 60% of both genders say any man will do as a father. No society can afford such a mentality. Bankruptcy, which is where the country is clearly heading is not reason, it is madness. But, women by-and-large, especially under 40 don't care about national fiscal issues.
There is a simple rule that everyone should learn. If a liberal accuses someone of doing something, in reality it is an attempt to deflect from the fact the liberal is actually doing what they are blaming someone else for. It is an old lawyer trick, blame the other side first, because the average person has a hard time believing that an attorney in a Court of law would just state bald face lies and it puts the other side on the defensive. If you will notice the Dem party is led by lawyers.
Jesus said that his followers would be despised. So that part should come as no great surprise. If you understand the approach of the Progressive/Liberals as to human nature and that man can perfect himself, then Christianity stands directly for the opposite view. When Progressive/Liberals essentially try to defy the obvious and get no positive results, then they have to blame somebody because they know better than everybody else. This approach has been sold to the last few generations, so no wonder you find the derision and hatred so much greater.
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