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Media Cowards and the Cartoon Jihad

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 12:31 PM
At some point a choice will have to be made. Either Muslims are going to deal with the alleged "radicals" or they have to be considered enablers. I am not confident that so-called moderates and "authentic" Muslims have any real interest in dealing with the so-called radicals. No more interest than they have in assimilating into Western culture, getting rid of regulations and taxes to drive other faiths out of existence in their countries, or really tolerating the rest of us in general. Prove you want peace by actions or don't be surprised when I shoot back and not worry who gets hurt,.
Whether Islam is violent or not is not the ultimate issue. The violence is the result of the utter intolerance by Muslims of other faiths, or no faith. Even the so-called moderates who don't agree with Jihad, usually have no problem with the Jizya, a tax on other faiths because other faiths are deemed inferior and should be discouraged to extinction. Until Muslims universally discard their intolerance, and get into the 21st century with everybody else, there will be no end to the violence.
The reality of the situation can be illustrated by a simple example. In the movie "Dogma", Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a priest played by George Carlin pushing an image of Jesus as "Buddy Christ." It is a ridiculous image of Jesus, and could easily offend Christians. Now say I was very rich and could afford a large display in Paris, or any major city, where I put up an image of a Buddy Christ, Buddy Budha, Buddy Vishnu, and Buddy Mohammed. I think I could give anybody a million to one odds that the first, and likely only, image to be vandalized and/or torn down would be the Buddy Mohammed image. The reason is simple. The other three faiths live in the 21st century and realize not everybody agrees with them and are willing to tolerate the others. Unfortunately, Islam is still stuck in the Middle Ages for a large percentage of Muslims and has zero tolerance for other faiths. Even the so-called moderate Muslims who don't agree with Jihad, do agree with the Jizya which is a tax on other faiths because they are deemed inferior. Nobody seems to want to admit it, but until Islam gets into the 21st century with its toleration of other faiths, then this "war" will never end.
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Confirmed: Barbara Boxer to Retire

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 4:37 PM
I can hear the munchkins "The Wicked Witch is Dead." It is long past time for Boxer to go. But, that is true of a lot of US Senators on both sides of the isle.
A simple period after the word "violence", instead of a comma and a "particularly" statement would have sufficed. But, as usual, everything has to be couched with provisos. One could concluded that if the terrorists blew up the office and only injured, not killed, people that would warrant some lesser condemnation from the statement. Then, to add insult to injury, there is a commentary about the POTUS neutral position as to content. This is totally unnecessary as it should be a given, so if it has to be stated, then is he saying publish "at your own risk." Clearly, the WH seems to imply if you get shot for it, well, it is wrong, but don't think the WH is going to shed a tear for your freedom of speech. I guess we are all on our own, don't expect any protection from this WH for your 1st Amendment rights.
There is a significant population of Muslims in France. In fact demographic computer simulations show a majority likely by 2050. Mullahs throughout Europe have been preaching for years that Muslims should try to outbreed non-Muslims. Combine this with a poll last year showing about a 20% level of sympathy for the goals of ISIS (or ISIL) and nobody should be surprised by the violence. This is soon coming to a town near you.
Had an Egyptian neighbor right beside me in college and a Sudanese neighbor 3 door down from me. The Egyptian was a Muslim and scoffed at the idea of being considered African. When the Sudanese guy would have his friends over from other parts of Africa for an afternoon drink out front, the Egyptian would say with disdain, "look at that African, drinking again, they have no real beliefs or culture." Never tell an Egyptian that he is an African, unless you want a fight.
Inequality, perceived or factual, is a fact of life. "No two things on earth are equal or have an equal chance. Not a leaf. Not a tree." Sgt. Buster Kilrain, Killer Angels and the Movie Gettysburg. Once one understands this basic concept, then equality and justice are concepts simply meaning that no one is above the law regardless of position or birth, and no one is below the law either. As to government and the governor, all are equal and subject to the same rules. Equality has been distorted to mean equal results giving the government the ability to use unequal measures to "correct' any perceived or actual inequality of results. Neither the Declaration of Independence, nor the Constitution (not even Lincoln at Gettysburg) meant "equal" to mean what liberals have contorted it to mean. The reason is simple, the founders had the same understanding as Buster, there is no such thing as equality of results or chances in nature, it is only a man-made contrivance usually based on jealousy and envy of others.
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Liberals' Use of Black People (Part II)

Jeff2422 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 10:13 AM
As I said about part 1 of this piece, don't think blacks are special, liberals will use anyone, any time, to achieve their goals of control and dominance in order to recreate us in their image. That is pretty basic to the God-complex that all liberals possess in their psychy. Marxism, Liberalism, Socialism, Fascism, and pretty much most isms all lead back, not forward, to the view of divine kings, that some people are just born better than others and they should be the rulers. All isms reject ultimately reject God, believe one set of people can perfect all other people, and those people not only have the right to command, but the duty to command the rest of us. The founders to took us to the pinnacle of human development under God, recognizing our imperfections (in fact, they were imperfect as slavery continued) so as to disperse power and emphasize individual liberty and the freedom (free will, its tough) to chose our own courses as long as that course didn't impinge on others. That is as good as it gets for human beings, but liberals are control freaks so using people for their ends is always justified.
Not building it is exactly what the Russians and the Saudis want us to do. It is why they are not turning off the spigots and causing a glut in order to dry-up our domestic production/ transportation, along with hurting some of their regional enemies. This is a no brainer, BUILD IT!
Falling prices in the past meant that there was a slow down in demand, usually because there was slowing in employment and the economy after high rates of economic and income growth. However, with a slow economy, low employment participation rates, and stagnant incomes, lower prices are a God-send to the average person. It just goes to show the disconnect between not just Wall Street and Main Street. But, between the political, financial, social and cultural elite (our new aristocracy) and the rest of us (the new peasants) due to Progressive/Liberal policies for the past 80 years. These same aristocrats now want to raise taxes on petroleum products thinking we won't notice. Oh, and foist a Bush or Clinton on us for POTUS. Time for the pitchfork and the guillotine for our betters that think we should just slavishly bow to their economic mumbo-jumbo.
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