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7 Reasons Socialism Will Make You Poorer Than Capitalism

Jeff2422 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 12:53 PM
Thus, capitalism provides those willing to take risks the opportunity to create wealth and achieve whatever they want with that wealth. If one would look around, it is that wealth that has built great libraries, cathedrals, and those government buildings. A republican form of government established by the founders protects the individual from the vagaries of ephemoral majorities and diffuses power, particularly government power. Matters of poverty are left as a local issue. But, in their day, most people were Christians and understood Christian charity. cont
Given what we know in 2012, saying that capitalism will make a society richer than socialism should be about as controversial as saying the earth is round, not flat. Yet, a recent Gallup poll shows that more liberals have a positive view of socialism than capitalism. This is only possible because there are so many perverse incentives that drive the promotion of socialism. If you're a politician, socialism puts power in your hands while capitalism takes it away. If you want to use the government to control people's lives, socialism is a wonderful vehicle to do just that while...