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The 'Trickle-Down' Lie

Jeff2201 Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 10:19 PM
Sure we are, you are talking to the wrong people and asking the wrong questions. To S.A.M., where were you during the 1980s, why was David Stockman opposed to the cuts? Why was he marginalized and culled from the administration? Do some more reading and research, write to David Stockman or read his book, now back in print. It wasn't because he didn't believe in the economics of capitalism. I think you are being a bit superficial and selective with your quotes. "but those who tell half lies have forgotten where they put [the truth]"...
Most everyone is going to be on Medicaid before this is over if we stay on current course. Excluding Government employees and elected officials of course.
The elitist progressives do not realize due to their limited life experience that these people have all of the time in the world and none of the money, therefore they do not mind waiting around in offices, clinics and ERs. In fact these facilities are sometimes nicer than their domicile. Just drop by your local DMV office and look around if you want even more evidence.
It won't matter until someone takes on the task and champions liberty to the masses so they can't be manipulated into support for this nonsense. (That is assuming "the conservative wing" believes in liberty and hasn't been co-opted into an elitist government control mindset as well.
You give them too much credit IMHO. These people aren't bright enough, or well educated enough to ideologues. They are just trying to get ahead in the perversity of bloated amoral government that people themselves have created due to their own ignorance regarding liberty and human nature. Thank you Gina Luttrell.
Why do we have a Federal Agency named after three completely legal substances. Why not a Bureau of Perfume Handbags and Shoes. So disgraceful, and these guys will put in their 20, retire and then get other Government consulting or advisory jobs for additional income while they draw their full pension. This is the same kind of nonsense that lead to the Randy Weaver incident. These people are clearly bored and have no meaningful crime to fight or are too cowardly, which is why the agency needs to be dissolved.
Why don't you sell your computer and give the many to the poor. You can then use the time serving others you would have spent online or commenting.
Maybe you think we should all just be rounded up and gassed.
Yes, that's right, my mother always taught me, two wrongs make a right.
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A Personal JFK Remembrance

Jeff2201 Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 7:24 PM
Ditto Hoghead, I pray that he is not assassinated. Abducted by aliens, different matter...
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