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You must believe in the Democratic slogan ... vote early and vote often. And on your way to the polls dig up your ancestral family and make sure they vote as well. I am sure you know how they want their vote cast. And then on your way home, find a few homeless and buy their vote for good measure. That's being a good Democratic soldier, comrade.
When people on the governement dole can purchase items I can not and I am one of the ones providing the funds so those on the dole can make those purchases, there is something way wrong. There should be a distribution center in each community where dole recipients can go to send there booty. There should not be any steaks or lobsters, cigarettes or alcohol available. If that hurts their sensitivity to be singled out by be directed to a specific center to gather their "free" stuff, then maybe they should consider getting a job so they can shop like other tax payers and be able to buy what they want because they will have earned that right.
It seems if you are a conservative and open your mouth, you are a racist. By the time this is all over Chris Matthews will be the first black reporter. I am sure if he searches his family tree deep enough he is sure to find a black ancestor somewhere back there. If that becomes his claim to fame I will certainly not challenge him. Or we could take a page from the Dems playbook and redefine racist to mean ... Americans of all decendents espousing conservative values and upholding the Constitution of the US. I believe this comes close the the Dems definition, except they would exclude blacks.
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Poll: Obama Up Nine in Ohio?

Jeff2185 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 3:18 PM
Watching the polls daily will drive anyone nuts. To think any state could move 13 points almost overnight is simple silliness. It is clear that O is in over his head, but the blacks and "poor" of this country will re-elect him because he will continue to give them what they want without their needing to go work and earn it. If we are ever to get spending under control it will have to involve entitlements, like it or not. And it will require a change in thinking about budgeting. We need a zero-based budget, not one that allows an automatic 2% increase each year. A 2% automatic increase adds 40 billion before discussions ever start. So a negotiated decrease of 25 billion may sound good, but it doesn't decrease a thing.
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