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Imagine that a man, and I use that term loosely, no longer possesses the filter that tells him right from wrong, truth from abject falsehood. Imagine that the same "man" swims in a cesspool of enablers in his political party and in the media, and he has no one in his world who ushers him back to a path of honesty, integrity, or decency. There are plenty of very negative psych terms for a "man" who is fully deluded, but suffice it to say that Harry Reid has spewed so much hateful bile without fear of repercussions that I will be surprised if he lives out his natural life. Certainly not a threat from me, but actions have consequences. The democrat party has become utter madness.
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"Crucify Them": The Obama Way

Jeff2065 Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 12:41 AM
Another Obama Admin weasel-in-a-suit who's full of bravado when he's nestled in his burrow, supported by "shoot first, don't bother asking questions" edicts he can issue and a fawning phalanx of eco-nuts and media. The hallmark of this administration is its lawlessness, but the light of day and Lady Justice are both catching up.
So, Mr President...put any more thought towards returning his million dollar contribution now?!
Liberals show their delusion every day. Rosen developed her "strategy" for her comments on CNN (spit) after the fact, claiming that she merely lit Ann Romney on fire in order to smoke out Mitt from "behind her skirt". That's okay, right?! The end always justifies the means, right?! ...And we haven't even gotten to her ridiculous claim that the GOP originated and propagated the "War on Women" theme. These are children who have long-since hitched their wagons to a political party, leaving behind the country and the truth.
The fact that "Circus" Carney peddles Obama's discombobulated utterances as "shorthand" is nothing short of utter madness. America is supposed to believe that lawyers and judges, not to mention Americans with the most basic understanding of the functions of our 3 branches of gov't, stopped dead in their tracks because the President spoke in legal "shorthand"?! Wouldn't the lawyers and judges get it?! Of course, they would have... This administration has long-since ceased their allegiance to the Constitution and the country, opting instead to prop up the least qualified man...and arguably the least intelligent man...to ever hold the office at all cost.
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