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“The idea that the President wasn’t even consulted" OUTRIGHT LIE! Boehner's office sent a request to the White House months ago and it was totally ignored by Obozo and his staff. After waiting months for the WH to respond, Boehner went ahead with the invitation.
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Whose Job Is It to Kill ISIS?

Jeff1162 Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 9:04 PM
Does anyone know if Obama is Shi'a or Sunni? My bet would be Sunni because of his origins in Indonesia. That would ally him with the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. That might explain his reluctance to do more against ISIS.
Give me a break!!! If you went to AWC Kurt, you know as well as I do that being a General officer is 100% about politics. Generals are among the most political people I've ever met! It's all about their careers (and the connections for post-retirement jobs) and doing what's right for the country, the Army, and often the troops is a distant second.
This president is doing everything possible to thumb his nose at the US military, customs, and beliefs. He's doing the same to our allies. This isn't ignorance. It's a conscious effort on his part to denigrate the United States and everything it stands for. And yet 50% of Americans approve of him and his conduct. Speaks volumes about the future hopes of the nation.
The GOP will simply sign on to everything Obozo is proposing. Increased spending for all of their cronies and campaign contributors. Just look at the Cromnibus for evidence. Why would anyone vote for a Republican?
"... OUT of your bedrooms" We do. And we want Government out of our churches, out of our bakeries, out of our cameras, and out of our lives. By dictating that marriage is between one man and one woman, government is injecting themselves into our lives, our beliefs, and our churches. I want them out of my bakery as well.
But it's all about personal freedom. The freedom of gays to marry who they want to. The freedom of Christians to believe what they want to believe. The freedom of non-Christians to not be dictated to by Christian theocrats. And the right of Christian business people not to serve the customers in ways that violate their Christian ethos.
I agree with serving them with honor if that's what the law dictates, but I'm enough of a free-market libertarian that I think such government dictates are wrong. Businesses should be free to serve those that they wish to serve. If there is a demand for wedding cakes for gays, I'm sure the market will generate a baker willing to make them.
I knew her in high school. Unfortunately I never knew her.
So you agree with all of the dictates of Leviticus? Stoning for adultery. Better stop spilling your seed on the ground. Or do you just believe in the parts of the Bible that agree with your personal views?
What demands are they forcing on you, Mud? They're not forcing you to marry a gay. If they demand that you perform the marriage or bake their cake, then I'll agree with you, but not if they're simply saying that gays have the right to get married.
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