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Favors and Loot for Sale

Jeff1162 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:15 PM
I believe in simple solutions: Create a single bank account. All contributions to all congresscriters must be deposited to the account. No politician my maintain an individual/private campaign fund. Monthly the account is split equally between all congress people and dispersed equally. No distinctions by policy, position, longevity, or party. Take the incentive for selling votes and influence out of the game.
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Hold On, Mr. President

Jeff1162 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 2:58 PM
One person's war criminal is another person's freedom fighter. Or do you consider yourself the judge and jury?
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The War Against Achievement

Jeff1162 Wrote: Nov 19, 2013 8:24 AM
Does anyone at TH pay any attention to these "Flags"? From what I've seen, they're just ignored.
Not only is he out of touch with the American people, Obozo is out of touch with his own administration. Not only isn't he a leader, he's not an administrator or a manager. All his life, all he's ever done is throw stones at those who accomplish things in their lives. A community organizer is simply someone who whines loudly in front of a crowd and then stands back to let someone else do the hard jobs.
McConnell simply sold his vote to Reid for the first $2Billion on that credit card as pork to take home to KY. Now I'm a big supporter of the Corps of Engineers and their work on our waterways, but McConnell's action is nothing short of CORRUPTION!
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The Republican House passed a bill calling for the delay and for reopening the government and the Obamacrats refused. They passed this monstrosity in the dark of night without negotiation, consideration, debate, or Republican support. They defended it in the re-election, in speeches across the country, and in the Supreme Court. They spent $653million building their web site and strong-arming the insurance industry to play their game. Now let them live with the results. Let the American people know what the Democrats have wrought. Let the American people see what socialism and government overreach feels like.
Does a triple negative cancel out a double negative?
Let's see, $654,000,000 at $75/hr for a standard programmer; that comes to 4192 man-years of work done in 3 calendar years; equals nearly 1400 people working full time for three years. That of course doesn't count the people at the insurance companies working on their end and the HHS employees, and the IRS employees, .... And now we're throwing more money and man-hours at it to fix it? Whose pocket did all that money end up in?
The whole point of OBAMACARE was to FAIL! The Obamacrats knew that most people liked their existing healthcare and that they could never impose a single-payer system against that background. So their solution was to destroy insurance-based healthcare and make people dissatisfied with their healthcare. Then the government could come in to propose fixing it with a single-payer system. Obamacare was designed from the outset to FAIL. And in that regard, it has been an overwhelming success.
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