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Too bad, so sad. Buh-bye Miss Piggy!
Never underestimate the stupidity of the average Democratic voter. They've voted for handouts and to give their own power to others for so long, the literally don't know how to think for themselves anymore. They'll just wait for Pelosi or Reid or Feinstein to tell them what to think and believe and then follow slavishly along the path to their own destruction.
Well, now. Imagine my surprise. Erdely lied, her reputation died. The only thing that actually surprises me about this story is that Jezebel actually apologized for their part in smearing a group of innocent men. Rolling Stone, of course, has not, and both the prime movers in this outrage apparently remain employed there, but that doesn't surprise me, because they just supported the desired narrative, and for that purpose facts don't matter.
So a law professor thinks it's not breaking a law to assault an officer during the performance of his duty and attempt to take his gun away? Maybe the world needs one less law professor.
Smacks of the Duke Lacrosse players case from this kind of reporting. It's a pity that Erdely (and Rolling Stone's management) didn't remember her one job as a journalist is to get and verify the facts before an article like this is published. If it turns out to be another Duke story, Rolling Stone could be looking at some pretty serious losses in a law suit. And, as it is, it seems most of the really hard questions -- the kind that defense attorneys would ask -- also got "whiffed" by Rolling Stone. All in all, they have almost single-handedly discredited this young woman before she even goes to court. Naturally the "rape culture, cis-normative, heteropatriarchy" chanting loony tunes will "take up the cause," but, like Ferguson, it will be another case of "rebels without a cause."
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Time to Fess Up

Jeff1138 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 12:28 PM
Well, Mr. Greenberg, if you're not much of one for Veterans Day, I'm not much of one for welfare and government handouts. So I guess we're even. I at least prefer people who are willing to put it all on the line -- up to and including their very lives -- to preserve the freedom of losers to protest over nothing, than I am to support people whose sole claim to fame is their willingness to mooch at the public trough, but I guess that's just me.
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Who Are the Cowards Now?

Jeff1138 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 12:21 PM
Actually, Grand Juries do not have to follow the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard; that's for trial juries. Grand Juries merely determine if the preponderance of evidence supports filing criminal charges which can then be fought out in a court of law. So even by this relatively "weak" standard, the Grand Jury conclusively reached the decision that Officer Wilson clearly acted in self-defense. Meaning that there is absolutely NO reason for any rioting or looting by the Fergusonites. Except of course, that they LIKE to riot and loot and destroy other peoples' property....
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Fascist Fact Checkers Can Apologize Now

Jeff1138 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 12:14 PM
When "fact checkers" are checking the scientific accuracy of a movie like "Jurassic World;" it tells me everything I need to know about what fact checkers do. What's next? Will they go back and fact check "Alien?"
Now that right there is funny; I don't care who you are. Coming from the party of Schumer, Pelosi and Reid....
Why is this party not disbanded by court order? They are obviously a criminal conspiracy designed to undermine our rights and government which makes them both a RICO-type organization as well as a treasonous one.
A few other things are necessary too: - Stop glorifying the "thug life" in music and culture; - Stop decrying religion and start supporting it (regardless of type) if it will produce youth programs and involved parents; - Stop creating conditions which serve to break up the nuclear family
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