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Cancel the State of the Union

Jeff1138 Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 10:14 AM
I ceased watching them after Obama's first one. Clearly he had no intention of telling us or Congress anything whatsoever about the actual subject to be discussed -- "the state of the Union" -- but rather would use the stage for yet another meaningless campaign speech and to generate more internal division and hatred. Why would I reward such behavior by indulging it, or waste any of my precious time here on Earth listening to such sickening drivel?
The nature of government is to be corrupt, vindictive and incompetent. Throughout history, every government has shown this. The real miracle in the American government is that we, the people, managed to hold this sort of thing at bay for so long. Think of it -- within living memory we saw a President forced to resign due to corruption, malfeasance and abuse of power. And now we have a sitting President who has done everything Nixon was accused of doing and worse, and instead of being punished or forced to resign, has been re-elected. Clearly we are on an accelerating downward slope towards the Idiocracy.
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The Subdivided States Of America

Jeff1138 Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 10:03 AM
Interestingly the same exact nonsense was going on in American universities back in the '30s; as fascism rose in Europe, American university students at places like Yale, Harvard, Colombia, and yes, Clemson were signing petitions declaring that they would never, under any circumstances take up arms, were espousing communism and joining the Communist party, were sending extreme leftists to Hollywood where they would make movies telling Americans how evil they were, holding grievance rallies protesting their own little "diversity" issues, and so on. There really isn't anything new under the sun. My guess is that the next generation of college students will rebel against their parents (that is, the current generation of college students) just as this generation is rebelling against the Reagan Generation of college students. What goes around, comes around.
Perhaps one of the most telling things about this particular article is that even mainstream journalists have begun to stop referring to this as an "administration" and have started referring to it as a "regime," much like Assad's "regime" in Syria, or Putin's "regime" in Russia. In short there is a steadily widening, if unconscious, recognition that we are ruled by a petty dictator now....
Seems to me that, if true, this action by Holder would be an illegal use of government power and should lead to some jail time.
Really, the sentence "The Internet provides the power to challenge our elected officials in ways they have never been challenged before." pretty much sums up the entire motivation for Ravel's action here. She and her neo-fasicst leftie buddies don't like it when the hoi-polloi get uppity.
Only 300 million? Heck, there's 25 million more sales out there just waiting to happen!
The new Mrs. Grundy isn't the religious right that the lefties have been foaming at the mouth over now ever since the 1970's, but in fact is the left itself. They have become the very thing they claimed they wanted to protect us from, and are to stupid or disingenuous to realize it or admit it.
I must admit, if my sons were today attending college, I would not permit them to attend UVa, where males can apparently be slandered and falsely accused and then run through "reeducation" camps for something that never happened. The only "rape culture" I see on campus is the one where white males are routinely raped of their civil rights and due process.
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How Terrorism Harms Radical Islam

Jeff1138 Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 6:50 PM
Except that if the actions and words of the American left are any indication, Communism is far from the "dustheap of history...".
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