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Just imagine what kind of a world we would live in today if we'd had any leadership at the wheel the past six years!
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Houston's Mayor is Villian not Hero

Jeff1138 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 1:52 PM
It never ceases to amaze me how a group that bills themselves as a "downtrodden minority" so easily resort to pure Nazism when given the chance. Were they really "downtrodden" you'd think they'd show more reluctance about violating others' rights and liberties. What's next, Houston? Kristallnacht?
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The Bribes Aren't Working

Jeff1138 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 1:31 PM
My lack of economic knowledge doesn't allow me to fully comprehend the undoubted genius of the government's policy, I guess; but frankly, to me, it seems like someone put the "animal house" frat in charge of the economy. Or maybe Che Guevara.
Hollywood has accelerated a type of Darwinian selection for "pretty faces" in front of "empty spaces." Like trained chimps, they can repeat lines once memorized in order to get a scooby snack, but actual critical thinking or any kind of common sense is simply not possible.
"Workers at Walmart and other service and retail establishments are upset because their hours not only vary from day to day on the weekly schedule, but also change from day to day at the whim of some scheduler. In many cases, that scheduler is a computer program." -- Bill Moore Jesus Jumping Jehosophat, have any of those "upset workers" considered TALKING to their managers? When I wanted specific hours, that's how I managed it -- even in fast food work back in the day. How freaking lazy and stupid do you have to be to want to be a union goon?
Then you're a misogynist, white-privileged racist.
One has to wonder how effective those troops will be (beyond the bare fact that combat skills don't help much with infectious diseases) when their family members at home are in lock down and dying because our glorious leader can't figure out how to lock the nation's front door....
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You Can't Teach Liberals Anything

Jeff1138 Wrote: Oct 05, 2014 5:50 PM
Jkacan is the perfect argument for school reform now. This is what passes through public schools now? Geezus.
How do lefties even manage to stay alive? Most of them seem to stupid to breathe.
Gotta love them civilian "Human Resources" idiots, don't ya? When I consider the 18+ hour days I pulled for months at a time, the missiles and rifle rounds fired in my general direction, and the intense training and physical fitness routine we put in day in and day out, I wonder if any of THEM ever actually "worked" a day in their lives!
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