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At least she's unapologetic about her redistributionist Marxism...all Democrats should be so forthcoming.
Hamas and their supporters prove daily they are nothing but violence-prone uncivilized animals who deserve nothing but our spite and contempt.
Her dad was actually a good man and one of the few Democrats most admericans admired. A real gentleman and NOT a leftist nutcase. This new generation of liberals though have all seemingly taken their Oaths of Office on Das Kapital
"Didn't know" his past....riiiiigghhtt! (wink, wink) Democratic party leaders need these thugs, enforcers and overseers to keep black Americans as slaves on the government dependency plantation.
How cruel and insensitive to want to send the chicken back. He was just looking for opportunity and was willing to eat the worms other chickens just won't eat.
I thought he was an "open borders" liberal?
Classy lady...good start! We need to hear more from Black Conservatives and every liberal event should be balanced with one of these right next door for the next two years contrasting the freedom on Conservatism with the slavery to the dependency state pushed by the left.
Clueless. When hundreds of thousands ignore your laws...and you LET them, you no longer have sovereignty and massive welfare systems explode with only a few taking care of the millions on uneductaed, illiterate unskilled filth pouring into OUR country to make it look like the one they just left.
Agree...a reliable Obama rubber stamp vote.
Holder is a racist and unqualified to hold this position...what an embarassment!
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