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You missed the part where Bush, like his daddy, was the ultimate colloaborator and appeasement oriented surrender monkey as Governor who will give away anything to liberals to make himself look good and declare "victory." Conservatives are sick of these effite elitist establishment types who are charlatans of the highest order when feigning their common man principles.
No one believes this.
I suspect this dimwitted liberal cow was absolutely SILENT when "Death of a President" was released in 2006 assasinating George Bush.
Your premise highlights the problem. There are true Conservatives who believe in the Constitution, small government, and personal liberty and then there are RINOs who have zero integrity and only SAY they do but continually appease and support liberals with huge government expansion, Corporate favors and larding up the budget with lobbysist gifts. These RINOs are the Vichey Wing of the GOP constantly collaborating with the forces of Marxism and Socialism in order to line their own pockets.
Khruschev must be smiling in his grave knowing he has such willing and complicit comrades in the White House...
PLEASE run Joe! The comedy would be priceless!
Palestinians are a cult of violent fanatics that believe in nothing but the murder of innocent people...they don't deserve the time of day much less recognition as some kind of "victim."
Don't see how these incompetent amateurs can keep a straight face...46 million on food stamps, wages down, real unemployment between 12-16%, 92 million out of work, black community, especially youth, decimated and these dimwitted isiots in the White House want to important 15-30 MILLION illiterate, unskilled illegals to steal more American jobs?
There's no difference between Bush & Hillary. Paired with Martinez you can kiss our southern border goodbye along with 30 million jobs for REAL Americans. This elitist wuss cares more about citizens of other countries than American kids.
...and I am "actively exploring" the number of ways I can organize REAL Conservatives to "actively" work against this weak and pathetic excuse for a Republican and his beliefs in open borders and Communist-style central planning control over national education.
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Shooting to Live

JediJoe Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 1:49 PM
There's a reason targets don't have legs or arms...
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