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Good he still alive?
Already there...Godless immoral secular liberals now dominate a once proud Democratic Party currently swimming in the sewers dragging the rest of the country with them...
The criminal enterprise that has become our federal government needs to shrink by two thirds...they are clearly more dangerous than ANY foreign threat to our freedom and liberty.
The face of governmental incompetence still can't get it right....she couldn't possible have implemented a flawed law flawlessly. It was designed to fail from the beginning and is still harming far more Americans than it allegedly helps.
Coming from "elements" in the Democratic Party that are animated by Marxism and Coimmunism, this is actually funny...
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Shiller Drinks the Kool-Aid

JediJoe Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 8:46 AM
If Hillary (or any like-minded Marxist Democrat) is elected in 2016, the financial crisis will inevitably get worse causing a contraction in spending sending us into a recession. It's simple arithmetic and borrowing cannot continue at it's current pace without manifestly harming the financial infrastructure.
Cummings is protecting the White House...this is the tip of the iceberg. Too bad mainstream journalists are also involved in the coverup.
...or care about babies being mutilated and ripped from their mother's womb. Funny how they celebrate and do Snoopy Dances when that happens...
Every time Angus King opens his mouth, he demonstrates how incredibly stupid his constituents really are...
We need to start calling the "equality, social justice, fairness" hogwash from the left for what it is...Marxism. The left is now heavily invested and controlled by what used to be the American Communist Party and those living on their government dependency plantation as slaves are all too happy to accomodate them.
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Barack Obama’s War on Free Speech

JediJoe Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 8:53 AM
Karl Marx would be sooooo proud of his protege in our White House...
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