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I told you months ago that the cowardly military brass was going to cover up the Bergdhal desertion to protect Obama and that’s EXACTLY what we learned today. So sickening to have gutless political scum actually wearing and disgracing the uniform.
Rice isn't wrong - desertion IS the honorable thing to a liberal.
These air-headed DoS sorority twins (Psaki-Harf) are embarassing. I'll be glad when the grownups take over in State again.
This is all for show...even Gowdy will be comnplicit in covering up the GOP leaderships knowledge and approval of the illegal gun running operation to Syria that got our Ambassador and others killed.
Politicians making law about a subject they are CLUELESS about...
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Chris Kyle: Symbol For All Ideologues

JediJoe Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 12:10 PM
Elections do not validate war. The anti-Bush media and visceral hatred for the military has fed this idiotic narrative with zero reflection on "why" it was done. Few would disagree it was initially executed poorly under stupid premises like "nation building" (NOT a military job) but saying the entire endeavor was a "mistake" presumes doing nothing would have led to a more acceptable (and unknowable) outcome. Americans have regrets about the wars because they see a culture unwilling to fight for its own freedom, ungrateful for our sacrifices, and one that seemingly prefers the slavery and barabarism of Islam. If not for the nukes, these wild pack dogs should just be left to rot in their own hellish sand pit.
I needed a shower after watching this interview...what a lying slimeball.
GOP elites driving this train wreck...we're screwed in 2016.
Does anyone care that the whiney adolescents in the White House are "upset?"
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PHOTOS: Sarah Palin Lights Up SHOT Show

JediJoe Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 8:23 AM
God watch over Sarah, a true national treasure.
These infantile clowns are embarassing...can't wait for grownups to take back the White House.
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