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Notice how the Paul supporters always leave out the "free and open narcotics" beliefs of he and his father? Aside from being a weaker-than-Obama neoisolationist, the move by Libertarians (also known as dopers, addicts, potheads, meth freaks, etc) to push narcotics onto our kids and in our schools is something we cannot and will not accept.
This clownish buffoon needs to leave disconnected from reality. I can only imagine the level of abject stupidity anyone needs to have to vote for this fool again...
Dirty little secret the Obamabots know: They will NEVER be prosecuted for anything because the one person on the planet who has that power is Eric Holder.
...or WHAT President Puffball?
It's Lanny Davis for crying out loud...not a whole lot of honesty or integrity from anyone associated with the Clintons so whatever he says isn't worth wasting our time with.
If only American reporters actually had this kind of integrity....
This is what happens when you blithering idiots decide to put an inexperienced, unqualified, unaccomplished, dangerously naive, little Marxist community organizer in the White House based on NOTHING but his skin pigmentation. Stupid is as stupid does. God help us.
She must be a member of Boko Haram desiring to prevent the education of millions of minless liberals...
These idiots in this regime are sooooooo incompetent... God help us!
At a minimum, its criminal solicitation. The corrupt SES corps needs a wholesale change out. It's these incompetent high-paid civil servants who CAUSED this in the first place!!!!
No! No! No! No! NONE of the corrupt, self-serving, incompetent SES corps within the VA that overlooked all of these problems in the first place have been fired. THIS idiotic move would REWARD the same pathetically incompetent people who caused these problems in the first place and NOT fix anything. STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!
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