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Christie: 'You're Damn Right' I'll Be More Prepared to Run in 2016

JediJoe Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 2:48 PM
"Targeting" a group is pitting American against American. It's what you do when you are Godless and immoral. I feel sorry for no one stupid enough to believe anything the filth on the left peddles them. Liberals and Democrats who voluntarily stay slaves on that plantation DESERVE the poverty, misery, squalor and disease the VOTED for when they put Obama in office.

Yeah, you're damn right I'm writing a 2016 got a problem with that, chump?  (Forgive me, I'm still fine-tuning my Chris Christie impression).  But in all seriousness, it's a slowish news week, and I've managed to resist the general subject for well over a month -- this minor detour excluded -- so why not?   Christie is gearing up for his re-election campaign in New Jersey, which could turn out to be something of a romp.  His ratings are sky high, his toughest potential challenger decided to focus his ambitions