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Fix Social Security Now provides a list of all of the alternatives, left, right, or just end it. www.FixSSNow.Org.
This article demostrates that SS is broken. DC isn't trying to fix a broken system. They want us to pay for one. Social Security is in need of immediate reform. Fix Social Security Now provides one-stop shopping for people interested in reform: FixSSNow (dot) Org
"Private sector 401k and IRA owners are first on the Democrats' radar and may see their plans taken away soon" You should look at the link. It is a 2009 pre-Obama report that says that the Democrats want to eliminate the tax-treatment of retirement accounts.
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You realize that GWB's idea would have increased the size of Social Security and expanded its revenue reach. He would let you invest part of your money and pay something to Social Security. What GWB didn't advertise well is that lowering the inflow into Social Security would have required an increase in income taxes to pay for what wasn't going to SS. So he lowered your payroll taxes and increased your income taxes. The difference is that payroll taxes are capped where as income taxes aren't. In 2033, Social Security has hard forced cuts. Once SS could dip into the general fund, it is a bottomless pit.
The article misstates the impact of the fiscal cliff on entitlements. The problem isn't that taxes were cut. The problem is that all entitlement taxes are driven on jobs. As taxes rise and spending falls, it is jobs that are lost. That is a major problem for Social Security, and the people who believe that the system can pay full benefits until 2033.
beat him in the argument, and leave the censorship to the left.
Just a failure of research here. The payroll tax-holiday is a net plus to Social Security. Yes, there is lower revenue from payroll taxes, but all of it is made-up by the general taxpayer. To the extent that the holiday creates jobs, 1.3 million according to the article, it is a plus. I thought that this article was going to deal with the absurd economic assumptions used by the Trustees. We are going into a fiscal cliff, and the Trustees are looking for an improving economy. The real interest rate assumptions haven't changed since before the financial crisis. Fixing the fiscal crisis will bring SS a lot of problems, but this article seems to have missed all of them.
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