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Washington To The Citizens: Don't Confuse Me With The Facts!

Jeannette1900 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 4:46 PM
Those are pretty good ideas, Blair31, particularly the one about cutting the salaries of Congress and the executive branch. We could also get rid of several departments, new and old, fire all the czars that haven't been okayed by Congress (plus some), and -- this one is important -- when people are fired from government jobs, or quit because of scandal, no further payments should ever be made to them from the coffers of the U.S. government. They can go scratch, for all I care. While I'm on a little tear here -- when Congressmen have been in office so long that they are billionaires or at least multi-millionaires, why do you suppose the government should give those guys a PENSION? And why do people like Rockefeller get farm subsidies?

“Don’t confuse me with the facts. I’ve got a closed mind.” These words were famously uttered by Rep. Earl Landgrebe (R-IN), a Nixon partisan to the bitter end, at the Watergate hearings. They are all that remain of that legislator’s political legacy. And yet, they reveal a truth. Michael Kinsley defines a gaffe as when a politician tells the truth — some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say. A statue should be raised in Rep. Landgrebe’s memory for daring to state explicitly one of the governing principles of modern American government: “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

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