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The Future of Leadership; Skills The New Company Leader Must Have

Jeannette1900 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 12:01 PM
One may as well be hog-tied, blindfolded and deaf as to lack the most basic of all tools -- that of communication in all its forms. It has been said that most high school graduates can barely fill out an employment application form; I believe that. What has happened to the teaching of the basics of writing? Oh, I know it's boring to learn how to conjugate verbs and how to diagram sentences; however, the results of those accomplishments are incapable of being imagined. With a grasp of the language, anything is possible.

When I was in school, Michael Porter was totally hot among the professors that taught leadership. He came up with the five forces of strategic leadership.

The combination of microeconomics and strategy was groundbreaking at the time. A generation of company leaders are steeped in it. They can recite Porter chapter and verse, and often use buzzwords in their relaying of company goals, achievements and challenges.

Porter’s five forces are still the bedrock of competitive analysis. However, since the dawn of social networks, interacting with the five forces is changing rapidly. Businesses that don’t interact correctly risk...

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