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Should Prof. Obama Flunk His Own Course?

Jeannette1900 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 9:43 PM
Absolutely he should flunk his own course. I've said before, and I'll say again, that as someone familiar with the workings of a law office, and familiar with the language of the law, I would give a lot to see the transcripts of "that one." I'm sure I would die laughing. Unfortunately those records are sealed -- and I can imagine why -- and they won't be open to the public until I'm long gone. More's the pity. I could use a good laugh.

We are often reminded that President Obama is the smartest man ever to occupy the White House. That’s how Prof. Michael Beschloss, presidential historian, described him. Of course, Mr. Obama was editor of Harvard Law Review. Most of all, we are informed regularly that Barack Obama taught constitutional law at University of Chicago. That’s no mean accomplishment.

So, it’s really curious how Professor Obama defines constitutional issues.

Last week, he told a Rose Garden audience that the U.S. Supreme Court would be engaging in “judicial activism” if it rules his health care takeover unconstitutional.

That’s because, the Patient Protection and Affordable...