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Playing With Words

Jeannette1900 Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 1:21 PM
Good for you, Henry VIII, and good for your son! I wish that all "special cases" like this would wind up with such a happy ending. I do believe, not having had any direct experience, that the pronouncement of this disorder is overused; the consequence is that everybody suffers -- the entire class, the teachers, the parents, and the child.
Would anyone work to support themselves or their families -- and then turn over a chunk of that hard-earned money to somebody else, just because of the words used by that somebody else?

A few people may be taken in by the words of con men, here and there, but the larger tragedy is that millions more are taken in by the words of politicians, the top-of-the-line con men.

How do politicians con people out of their money? One example can be found in a recent article titled "The Autism-Welfare Nexus" by Paul Sperry in "Investor's Business Daily."

Genuine autism is a truly tragic...