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He's a smart politician. He knows he needs to dumb down the message when he changes who he wants to vote for him.
If he didn't think Matthew 18-19 applied to him then, he won't be convinced now.
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Salon Writer: We Need a Gay Spider-Man

jduncan307 Wrote: May 01, 2014 1:17 PM
Google Spider-man and Skip.
Bet most everybody she met treated her wonderfully. "Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires." Romans 8 The right needs to raise some play writes and artists and musicians to take on the arts.
We "give credence" by supporting causes, not personalities. If Bundy were some minority or complaining about gay rights or whatever, most conservatives would still support him in this instance because on principle, we have a problem with government snipers showing up, digging mass graves, and fencing off land to protect a no longer endangered tortoise.
How about starting a petition in Chicago to ban cops from carrying guns to reduce gun violence? Just to make a point.
"Oh, the Republicans may not oppose abortion anymore, but will they let you get one for FREE! Act NOW, and GET A FREE GAY WEDDING CEREMONY, and a FREE ABORTION, when you vote for 50% off Plan B pills for life! BUT WAIT! You'll also get CLEAN AIR AND WATER!"
Where were these people who answered the poll question on election day?
Hooray! Someone putting funding into the arts. I just hope he invests in films and ideas which don't suck. Can't do worse than Noah.
"Are your children safe? Like me, you should hire armed guards! Then they will be safe!"
Actually, the second page of this column is decent. I just with Anne could write a note without making it sound like she shares Boehner's opinion that the Tea Party are knuckle draggers. People listen better when you're not trying to get them steamed.
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