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Actually, the second page of this column is decent. I just with Anne could write a note without making it sound like she shares Boehner's opinion that the Tea Party are knuckle draggers. People listen better when you're not trying to get them steamed.
"Anyone opposing an incumbent Republican for any reason other than amnesty is a fraud or an idiot. Right now, immigration and Obamacare are the only things that matter. Since every Republican voted against Obamacare, that leaves only immigration." Anne, so symbolic votes that everyone of them knows is symbolic are supposed to get them a pass if they've used legislative games to trip up any attempts of fellow republicans to take on this legislation?
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Climate Activists Uncaged

jduncan307 Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 10:41 PM
So many philosophy and economics students with expert knowledge on how climate change deniers are anti-science.
I can't stand how Todd Akin is now used as the club to whip anyone who would essentially argue that "If a two year old is a human person with rights whether he or she was conceived through rape and incest, the same is true of the 8 month old baby in the womb and beyond."
Well, if the guy who passed Romneycare runs again, I expect Ann to support the Tea Party candidate over him this time if she believes her opening sentence.
Why you'd you need to say more to convince the type of people who sign up for fundraising e-mails from Harry Reid to part with their money? Most likely their parents gave to them.
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

jduncan307 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:51 AM
Didn't gut the military and gut tricare like the current occupant of the White House. I'm fairly sure he wasn't serving either while he was listening to sermons about how 9-11 was our chickens coming home to roost. Go awaaay...
… I guess this is about Ukraine?
That's why I'd support Gover's tax me more clause.
If you had the political clout to do that, you'd have the political clout to just secure the border in the first place. "Give me a sandwich, or I will press the magic button that can produce anything I want to create a club to beat you with until I get my sandwich!"
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