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Another reminder that our greatest enemy is the establishment GOP. Too many yet grasp the reality that the GOP is the traitor in our midst, wearing our uniform while they betray us in every issue. Until we rid ourselves of this party we can never directly engage the communists. Perhaps after two more consecutive crushing electoral defeats, conservatives will physically remove these cockroaches from their positions and replace them with true patriots.
After the coming revolution, we must hang all elected sellouts, their benefactors and their media allies, all of whom are enemies of the republic. Their families should then be enslaved and all their wealth, which they stole from us, must be returned to the people.
Let us all endeavor to celebrate the murder of any Maryland resident victimized by democrat felons. Those who support the democrat party are a menace, a plague upon the republic and anything that eliminates them is to be applauded. No amount of misery and suffering is enough for Maryland gun haters and I trust everyone will join with me to wish they are slaughtered brutally by the criminals they enable and empower by electing communist office holders. We should check the voting records of all murder victims and if they are democrats, celebrate their demise.
The French Jacobins had Jean Paul Morat, a crazy ugly and rabid zealot who actually lived in the sewers of Paris because he had a serious skin disorder. It is written he offended even his fellow revolutionaries because he never stopped ranting and was always tormenting people with his zealotry. Today we have mad Chris Mathews who would gather wood if Obama told him to burn his mother alive. Let us hope that Chris meets with the same fate as Morat.
Bullies exist where those are unwilling to defend themselves. Progressive bullies must be stopped with force. If kids are bullied because of their views, they must be taught, and encouraged, to fight back with whatever works to stop their torment. If this means physically, then so be it. Progressives will lick the feet of whoever shows the will to hurt them. It's why they love radical Islamists and despise Christians. Christians must observe and copy what is proven to command the respect and tolerance of liberals. Stop talking. Act! When attacked, strike back harder.
When you ban whole classes of guns and accessories, you do take away gun rights. Either Obama and his stooges in his party think we are really that stupid, or they've come to believe they can have both ways of an argument, just like they can fly like birds. It must frustrate him and Doomberg not to have dictatorial powers and to be constrained by law and our Constitution. We have guns to protect ourselves from such deluded megalomaniacs. Let them continue to fight Slurpie cups in NYC, but keep them away from our guns. Everyone should buy one today. I did.
He wanted to know how easy it was to buy an AR15? Really? Isn't he the guy who's boasted at all of his public appearances that he's a "gun guy", an NRA member, and respects the 2nd? Did he not hear all the testimony at all his hearings about how easy it is to buy an AR15? And we are to believe he spent $2000 only to donate his purchase to the PD? There must be no compromise with these lying two legged deceitful devils. They must be crushed and ground into the dust. Those in office we'll hang from lamp posts then enslave their families and burn down their houses.
Americans must stop debating with gun grabbers and resolve to simply ignore and resist them. If we are unwilling to physically and positively defend our constitutional and God give rights against the left, we should stop wasting our time and surrender our guns right now. Is is futile to reason with people who are insane and driven to tyrannize us. Let them babble on and let them enact any garbage unconstitutional laws they wish, but ignore them. And when go beyond this, resist them, in whatever manner works.
It's a tragedy America had to fight a destructive civil war to free people who really just want to be slaves. For a meager existence, some entertainment and basic subsistence, they will enslave themselves much better than the South tried to do with whips and chains. If only the South has an Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and some celebrities to reinforce the message self reliance ain't cool it could have escaped the carnage and kept their slaves while seeming to be progressive.
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The Republicans' Primary Problem

JDs Handsome-Son Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 4:13 PM
We want establishment GOP types gone. We want to see armed conservative zealots appear at the offices and homes of all GOP insiders - office holders, pollsters, lobbyists, and other parasites - to roust them out of their chairs and into awaiting trucks to be driven out into the woods, released with order not to come back. Thereafter, we want true conservatives to wage all out real war against the communists and beat them with clubs and tire irons until they too are gone. We want no compromise and sellouts.
This legal immigrant has reminded America what all other gun proponents have so far proven unable to say and he should be made our spokesman. It is sad commentary on natural born Americans too stupid and too lazy to know about their own founding, their constitution, and what really makes them free. God bless him.
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