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Those believing the GOP will win the senate are fooling themselves. They have yet to grasp that the GOP is incapable of winning and has no desire to because leadership is hard and GOP office holders are content to have no responsibility in how our nation is governed. They are cuckolds who get off watching others take charge. Next year the GOP will nominate a slate of gutless, feckless, useless cowards and imbeciles all promising to compromise with their enemies so that they will be defeated. Until we are rid of the GOP, America will continue its decline. It would be nice if GOP office holders were beaten with ball bats whenever they appeared outside and until they leave and never return.
If we could harness a fraction of Ann's guts and eloquence and inject it into just a few of the GOP cuckolds posing as an opposition, America would greatly benefit. Obama's rape of this once proud country has been enabled by the cowardice and weakness of the GOP establishment geldings.
The establishment GOP might want to at least fight the navigator program as it is a direct threat to the GOP's possibility of every again achieving majority status in congress. It these guys can't even fight for their own security, then they are more worthless than we thought. Only the majority party in power gets the big cash donations and the perks of power such as the hottest young boys and girls to molest and seduce. That has to be a bigger incentive than the fate of the country.
The reason Americans are trending more toward gun ownership is that they can see the future and are frightened. They see Obama unleashing his tribe on the country in home invasions, beat downs, "Polar Bear" hunts (white people), carjackings and flashmobs. They see Obama and Holder encouraging this lawlessness and they see law abiding Americans being intimidated and harassed by the power of government. They see that we have a president who hates his country and his countrymen and they do not want to be defenseless against him.
After the coming revolution, we must put California through a process of repatriation whereby all those found to be democrats are put behind razor wire for evaluation. Turn them out into the fields to work for the New Republic until their cases are settled. Separate the women for heavy lifting, because of their superior upper body strength vis a vis the "men", whom we can utilize for scientific experiments after they are sterilized. Any deemed unsuitable for a new representative democracy should be eliminated.
The theory that the GOP appeals to a small section of the electorate, the extreme right, is a lie. The GOP was defeated twice because it appealed to no one. The GOP stands for nothing and that is why more of its supporters stayed home in 2012. Had they voted, Romney would be in the White House today. Supporters of Christie are liars. It would be the best thing for the GOP if he was dropped by a heart attack so that the party won't have to suffer a third defeat.
Parents should teach their kids the most effective way to deal with bullies: Go on offense. Minors cannot be punished for anything they do. Bullies are not punished by school districts, which is why there are so many of them. It is pointless, then, for other kids to further endanger themselves by not resisting. Targets of bullies should ambush their tormentors with weapons, such as sharp pencils to the eyes or throats and then claim they did so under duress because the schools would not help. When bullies see what can happen to them, they will go elsewhere.
If Americans allow this arrogant measure to stand, it means they truly are nothing more than worthless farm animals and are content to live under the boot of shepherds who kick slop buckets so those fat, dumb cows know when it's time to eat. It means that congress' contempt for us is justified.
And give George his gun back. The democrat party, including our president and our AG, have threatened him and his life is in peril. He should be allowed to carry an M4 with several hi cap mags after all the menacing threats he's receiving from democrats all over the country.
And George should get his gun back. There is no person more deserving of a gun permit than George Zimmerman with all the democrats, from our president, down to our AG Holder, and then to their operatives in the New Black Panther party, all violent democrat street gangs and all other democrat murderous thugs out to get him. He should be allowed to carry an M4 carbine with 6 hi cap magazines.
Another reminder that our greatest enemy is the establishment GOP. Too many yet grasp the reality that the GOP is the traitor in our midst, wearing our uniform while they betray us in every issue. Until we rid ourselves of this party we can never directly engage the communists. Perhaps after two more consecutive crushing electoral defeats, conservatives will physically remove these cockroaches from their positions and replace them with true patriots.
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