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The only solution to all the violence in Chicago is to take the guns away from white Christians in the rest of the country who haven't committed crimes and who lead law-abiding lives. Only in this way can we protect the children, veterans, single mothers, and the handicapped.
We only wish the stupid GOP officeholders would find courage to do what the democrats do in office. Why can't they use power to harass and punish their opponents? Are they that gutless and cowardly? What a bunch of cuckolds.
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Why We Lose – Every Time

JDs Handsome-Son Wrote: May 17, 2014 10:07 AM
This is the best analysis of what ails the GOP in the public arena that I have ever read. It is long past time for conservatives to take this advice, go on the offense, and set the narrative before it's done by the Left. We have all suffered too long from conservative timidity and cowardice among those who claim to represent us and speak for us. We have no credibility not because we are viewed as too extreme, it's because we always back down when confronted by opposition and so reveal to everyone we are either cowards or liars. People admire strength and will show those who show it.
Piers Morgan reminds us what provoked the American colonies to rebel against England. Can one imagine what it must have been like to be ruled by such a species of arrogant, whiny voiced elite condescending two legged devils with utter contempt for the citizens. What joy it must have been for colonists to shoot them and drive them out of the country.
Hilliary will indeed have an easy time being elected. The GOP will field another weak marshmallow man who will declare he will not criticize her and will instead devote his campaign solely to crafting an eloquent concession speech. The mainstream GOP is a collection of geldings, eunuchs and cuckolds specially bred without spines or reproductive organs, always traveling on their knees and beginning every sentence with an apology. Hilliary is more man than all GOP insiders and will crush them. Thereafter, she will dominate them and bend them to her will, perhaps even requiring they be dressed only in their underwear and with apples in their mouths during her 8 years in office.
OK, Charlie Brown. Don't go for that football just yet. We're talking about the GOP after all. They're going to find some marshmallow men once again, like they've done since 2008, who will blow it two weeks before the election because they're afraid of leadership, preferring to stay out of positions of accountability and authority. Remember that McCain inexplicably ceased his campaign September 2008 to "fix Washington" and Romney in 2012 refusing to be mean, preferring to craft his concession speech instead.
A good start. New Englanders of today should model themselves after those of the 1770s during the Pine Tree Rebellion when they dragged Crown operatives out of their homes, beat, tarred and feather them and ran them out of town after attempting to arrest and transport to London Americans charged with cutting down the King's trees in New Hampshire. Muslims show us how to get respect from our government and it is not timid obedience to communist authority.
No one need apologize to a liberal offended by our language as they are the worst offenders. It should be our rule to respond to them by grabbing their throats and beating their heads as we repeat the first insult by screaming it in their ears.
Were the protestors all wearing olive drab overalls and red armbands, and carrying copies of Obama's biography, waving them in the air during their loud denunciations?
Proving once again that the only heroes we conservatives see standing for us are women. GOP guys in our government are abject cowards who've been cuckolded by Obama and dare not defy him. If there ever is a real conservative revolution, the mainstream GOP should be hanged higher than the communists as a warning to their replacements.
It's great to see more women acquiring guns and learning to use them. The shooting community desperately needs more women among its ranks because they are a powerful political force. Our constitution and our laws will not protect us against our corrupt, treasonous ruling class. Only the fear of our numbers keeps their filthy hands off our Bill of Rights, and this is true of the GOP.
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