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If guns are inappropriate for self defense, they are so for everyone, including Bloomberg. His armed bodyguards should be disarmed because they are a menace to everyone around him. This is true for all elected officials. Let's take their guns and their guards away from them and let them walk the earth like us mere mortals. Maybe then they will rethink their pro-felon laws and enforcement.
No one should be surprised by this turn around. The initial decision, based on our constitution and natural law, has to be over turned regardless of its merits. Our socialist ruling class will succeed in outlawing guns one day if we allow our rights to be determined by anyone in public, or appointed office. We must adopt the tactics of our enemies. When they oppose the constitution or our laws, they ignore them and then force us to ignore them and obey theirs because we don't want to make them mad. All their power is what we have given them. Keep your guns. Keep them regardless of what is enacted from now on. Ignore their futile pieces of paper and you'll be fine.
Democrat mothers love rapists and Muslim fanatics who keep them in line. American feminists are the most loyal and obedient followers of anyone willing to use violence against them. It is clear that feminists merely want someone to keep them in line because freedom is frightening to them, forcing them to make their own decisions. They prefer the president of the U.S. to find birth control pills for them even after graduating from premier U.S. universities.
Because criminals are a cherished voting bloc of the democrat party, slightly less favored than murderous Islamists. Violent felons are the biggest patrons of the democrat party, a death cult posing as a legitimate organization, home to envious thieves and cowards who will only personally attack infants and grandparents, or anyone else unable to defend themselves. They fear our guns because our guns keep those swine at bay.
This decision is just, however it will be short-lived, struck down on appeal. The judge is a true patriot, but was appointed by Reagan and Bush. The case must reach a liberal appeals court, all of whom are anti-American saboteurs, aligned with Obama's goal to fundamentally transform America into a failed Third World state, inhabited by ignorant peasants and rich democrat patroons who fear armed citizens. The way to defeat the communist agenda taking hold here is to resist it beyond the voting booth. It is past time for revolutionary tactics so that when a citizen is abused by the Left, we take to the streets where the bully minions live and make trouble so that others get the message we are no longer willing to simply sit by and watch them disarm and enslave us.
I can't believe Texans aren't arming up to kill these invaders when they violate laws. If enough of these disease ridden illiterate violent democrat voters are killed quickly, the others will stop coming, or at least conduct themselves properly when they get here. Kill one, educate many. No Texan should be without a gun from this day forward to be ready to kill invaders.
MS13 is Mother Nature's predator, sent in to thin out the American Anglo herd for its sin of allowing their own destruction. Mother Nature does not suffer a species that reveals itself too lazy and cowardly to defend itself. Such a pathetic species must be eliminated to the point it is down to only those with the will and the strength to survive. MS 13 will righteously slaughter Americans until they fight back. This is as it should be.
The only solution to all the violence in Chicago is to take the guns away from white Christians in the rest of the country who haven't committed crimes and who lead law-abiding lives. Only in this way can we protect the children, veterans, single mothers, and the handicapped.
We only wish the stupid GOP officeholders would find courage to do what the democrats do in office. Why can't they use power to harass and punish their opponents? Are they that gutless and cowardly? What a bunch of cuckolds.
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Why We Lose – Every Time

JDs Handsome-Son Wrote: May 17, 2014 10:07 AM
This is the best analysis of what ails the GOP in the public arena that I have ever read. It is long past time for conservatives to take this advice, go on the offense, and set the narrative before it's done by the Left. We have all suffered too long from conservative timidity and cowardice among those who claim to represent us and speak for us. We have no credibility not because we are viewed as too extreme, it's because we always back down when confronted by opposition and so reveal to everyone we are either cowards or liars. People admire strength and will show those who show it.
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