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The greatest peril America faces is from its citizens who support the democrat party their political and cultural opinion makers. They are getting us killed. If we could round them up and put them behind razor wire where they can no longer impair our society with their insane ideology, all of our social problems would be gone over night.
Mother Nature sends in predators to take out any species that will not care for themselves. This is righteous as such a pathetic species will consume valuable resources without putting anything back into Her realm. England has become a nation of over-fed cattle, to the point that today when a savage beheads an English serviceman on the streets of London, in broad daylight, the other citizens in the area saunter around like farm animals checking out the victim, seemingly unaffected by the incident, as if it is nothing out of the ordinary. We should not mourn when such slaughter becomes wholesale. We should look on it as a teachable moment and make certain we do not succumb to the rot that has infected Great Britain.
Republicans will no doubt use all the tools at their disposal: expressing concern, outrage, disappointment and regret, as in "Gee I'm concerned that Obama raped my wife and kids and very disappointed at his behavior, because after all, it's against the law". Then Republicans will neatly part their hair and fix their bow ties and lumber off to work.
Is it possible for us to appoint two huge "mentors" to follow all GOP office holders where ever they go to monitor their dealings and guarantee proper votes by holding ball bats, ready to smash the heads of any sellouts and break any arms "reaching across aisles so we can move forward in a bipartisan way"?
Portman may be a reliable opponent to the communists, but he is the most lackluster of politicians. Let's keep in in the trenches, not out in front. By 2016 the GOP ideally should have an bold, courageous spokesman, not the typical smiling empty face who begins every sentence with an apology. These are revolutionary times, times for radicals willing to stand up to all the bullies on the left and when they snivel and whine about insensitivity, he, or more likely she today, should kick them in the crotch and warn them more is coming.
I suspect many questioned wisely chose not to admit they have guns. Who knows who's conducting surveys these days, where the results go, and who has access to them? The FBI background check statistics do show an enormous amount of guns sales and it simply cannot be the same people in Kentucky buying them, as the democrat party likes to suggest.
There should be no surprise at continued democrat support for this despicable candidate. Democrats are a loathsome species of two-legged devils and it would greatly benefit our country if they were all put away someplace, unable to participate in civic affairs in this country forever.
As Muslim fanatics and MS 13 immigrants start beating and killing more women in America, female voters may reassess their love of the democrat party. Jihadis and Mexican drug warlords can really run a war on women much better than a few ball less eunuch cowardly GOP office holders.
These rich elite actors and politicians are becoming a real menace, a danger to the rest of us. No longer content to bugger each other and snort drugs, they now believe themselves gods on earth sent to rule over us. I yearn for the day when the people revolt, drag these over-paid hemophiliacs out of their houses, and chop their G.D. heads off and stick them on pikes.
Wealthy citizens who decide to use their money in order to destroy they system that made them rich should be arrested, their assets seized, and put to hard labor. Their families should be sold into slavery after they are paraded around the country for show trials and humiliation. No punishment is excessive for those wanting to wreck the economy and prevent us a turn at success. After 20 years of confinement, these despicable people should be air dropped into ISIS held territory, wearing orange jumpsuits with dotted lines on their necks.
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