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There should be no surprise at continued democrat support for this despicable candidate. Democrats are a loathsome species of two-legged devils and it would greatly benefit our country if they were all put away someplace, unable to participate in civic affairs in this country forever.
As Muslim fanatics and MS 13 immigrants start beating and killing more women in America, female voters may reassess their love of the democrat party. Jihadis and Mexican drug warlords can really run a war on women much better than a few ball less eunuch cowardly GOP office holders.
These rich elite actors and politicians are becoming a real menace, a danger to the rest of us. No longer content to bugger each other and snort drugs, they now believe themselves gods on earth sent to rule over us. I yearn for the day when the people revolt, drag these over-paid hemophiliacs out of their houses, and chop their G.D. heads off and stick them on pikes.
Wealthy citizens who decide to use their money in order to destroy they system that made them rich should be arrested, their assets seized, and put to hard labor. Their families should be sold into slavery after they are paraded around the country for show trials and humiliation. No punishment is excessive for those wanting to wreck the economy and prevent us a turn at success. After 20 years of confinement, these despicable people should be air dropped into ISIS held territory, wearing orange jumpsuits with dotted lines on their necks.
Another outlier from the most beautiful religion on earth. Like Foley, this second American likely became an Islamophobe. Let's not divert our attention to the real threats to America, as just reported by the FBI: Puerto Rican terrorists, white extremists, and sovereign citizens, as well as Tea Party members. Omitted were Muslim terrorists which proves they are not a threat.
It is clear that the establishment GOP has no desire for electoral victory and risk being responsible for the country. They never have, actually, because even when they were given a monopoly on power, they refused to lead and allowed themselves to be stymied by the minority. GOP office holders are a special breed of contemptible swine - gelded eunuchs, feckless cuckolds, cowards, corrupt and stupid. It's clear America has not yet had enough of Obama and his destructive policies and so it must continue on that path with Hillary. Americans richly deserve all the misery that's coming to them.
All law abiding citizens have a duty to be ready to use deadly force at all times because there are so many violent constituents of the democrat party, savages with no regard for human life, born and raised with no parental influences, and conditioned to believe they are entitled to the theft of others property. These creatures may be bipeds that walk upright on two legs. But they are not human beings.
There is no logical reason the Civilized world has to tolerate these Muslim savages other than they can be used to panic citizens into surrendering their freedoms and rights in exchange for the promise of security. I believe our government eagerly awaits the suburban mall shooting that is going to come from Islamic operatives who've slipped across our border so that it can point to our Second Amendment and tell us it must be ignored if we are to protect our kids. I further believe that the same law that forbids us our guns will have a provision increasing the punishment for offending Muslims.
All this negativity directed toward practitioners of a peaceful religion is more proof of America's insensitivity, bigotry, racism, classism, and Islamophobia. All cultures and peoples are equally good, none better than the other, and though their behavior might not be like ours, it is just as good and correct. Obama would not be traveling around the globe apologizing to the world for our long history of being wrong if what I say were not true.
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Tolerate or Be Stamped Out

JDs Handsome-Son Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 6:00 AM
Victims are indeed responsible for their abuse to a great extent. Bullies exist and thrive in an atmosphere of cowardice. No one offends another when there are real consequences to the attack. Anyone doubting this need only ponder why Muslims are treated with utmost respect around the world today and the answer is not because they are so charming. Christians are being attacked because so far they've shown only the other cheek. When they stop doing that, when they start cramming their fists down the vulgar throats of their opponents and ripping out the black hearts of their attackers, they will be respected. God did not make those in his image to be slaves and victims of abuse. He gave them abilities to fight back and survive. When Christians stand up and fight back, they will be left alone.
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