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ONLY if 'it' has a teleprompter
"Liberals Hate CHRISTIANS Because Government Is Their God" Liberals never criticize the religions of Islam, Buddhism, Shinto, Bahá'í... ALL their vitriol is aimed at those who believe in the Creator God and have faith in His Son.
What a vision, I can see the Unicorns dancing on a rainbow!
Sorry Paul, but you have pretty much ceased at being an option for me, but I will vote for the lesser of two evils so there is the possibility I'd vote for you.
A poll from a LAW school? Oh yeah, I just know that there's bias there!
Call me dense but, regarding Voter ID why would any conservative (or the Republican Establishment) be the least bit concerned about the hurt feelings of LIBERALS WHO WILL NEVER VOTE FOR THEM? What is there to lose?
The hag has zero accomplishments in any venue.
Yes they are!
The Obamanation is not presidential material either...
Dubious nothing? Liberals are void of ethics, you can't apply an adjective to something that does not exist
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