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these protocols crack me up. any person coming from West Africa could walk through both screenings without being detected, as long as they came early enough in the progression of the virus. They could then join the general population and share their bad fortune. these are supposed grownups telling us tall tales. any boob can see that the protocols are miles from foolproof. stop the flights. reject anyone whose passport shows they have passed through these countries in the last 21 days. make sure that anyone suffering from ebola goes to a specially designated center for treatment of ebola. then maybe I will breathe a little easier.
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Teacher Indoctrination

jdonovan956 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 10:33 AM
If parents are not interested in what their children are being taught, they deserve to be flushed down the same toilet. They are too busy indulging themselves to take their children's' pulse. This is a decadent society right now. it is not becoming one. The moral lethargy is astounding.
Juan will make the viewers blow blood vessels
Real facts and The Beckel have no common ground
psychiatry and psychology are like sociology---not true sciences. not provable
Fully studying? Mental health is a pseudo science.
I do not trust psychology of any kind. Put three psychs in a room with a mildly neurotic person and you will get three different diagnoses every time. Their degrees are just [pieces of paper. They always bring their own issues into the treatment.
John, this is called decadence. Cultural norms cease. Or change weekly. The absurd is perceived as normal. Traditional values are released like balloons into the ozone.
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It's Better Now

jdonovan956 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 6:28 PM
As long as you do not take the future under consideration, what Mr. Stossel says is true. However, he underestimates the ability of politicians and their incompetence to change the course of future history
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