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western civilization ended 6 years ago
what a boob. people in her district should be ashamed of themselves. it would be like voting for a cartoon character to be their representative.
Islam does not mean peace. Islam, translated, means "submission."
Obama does not get it. Optics? The point of the inquiry was that after delivering such a somber address on such a sad occasion, he should to have WANTED to play golf 6 minutes later---it was not the "optics" of the situation. But that is not what he said--because he does not get IT.
I will tell you what is unpatriotic: a 35% TAX RATE FOR ANYTHING!!
there are a lot of muslims in France. In England and Germany too. You will get these kind of numbers. Frankly, countries with indiscriminate immigration policies are going to get this stuff. some countries you have to prove you deserve to live there. what exactly is wrong with that?
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Obama's Small-Screen Worldview

jdonovan956 Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 5:42 PM
not only does the president believe this. I am afraid voters do too, for the most part.
Ryan knows budgets. I rarely hear him talk about other issues. Not sure he is really informed not hem. He is not Presidential timber. But one thing our current president has proved is that qualifications do not matter. Everyone compares him to Carter. But Carter had been a governor and, before that, had been second in command on a nuclear submarine. He had qualifications and no judgment. Obama has neither. Ryan is a fiscal conservative, but I doubt that he is any other kind of conservative.
targeted? these guys are in the field. not hiding behind civilians. they should be carpet bombing these murderers.
leading form behind as a phrase is counter intuitive. yeah, that's it. Obama is counter-intuitive.
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