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Deconstructing Opposition to Immigration Reform One Crack at a Time

jdirt Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 4:01 AM
Yes the presidential candidates did have different ideas on illegal immigration. But when what you conveniently left out was the fact that when Perry insulted the people whose votes he needed he imploded almost immediately. The American people haven't change their mind on this issue. We are against illegal immigration and amnesty and rigged polls that say otherwise. Hannity evolved because he was kissing Rubio's butt and the GOPe was kissing Rubio's butt to lead the charge for illegal aliens because Boehner wanted it. Rubio has always been for open borders and REFUSED to join the Tea Party caucus. Now Leahy has rejected Rubio's request to have a full debate on this issue. So lets see if Rubio has the integrity now to walk away. Th
WASHINGTON - The immigration reform battle in the Senate will be won or lost on the Republican side of the aisle where the GOP is increasingly divided on the issue.

Little more than a year ago, with few exceptions, that wasn't the case. Immigration reform was going nowhere and conservatives were pretty much in lock-step against any changes beyond strengthening border security.

Then came the crowded field candidates in the 2012 Republican presidential primary debates, and wide cracks began appearing in the GOP's position, especially among major conservative leaders.

Mitt Romney, for all the good it did him, took the hard-core,...