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BTW who are the idiots that fired her?
wow Hispanics have a lot of power now! They can even get rid of principals. I hope the left is so proud. Maybe we can stop providing english translators for them now since you know English is not required and all.
Here is another one, the Thad Cochran (US Senator in MS) Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k27-HC90dzc
You know there is something about illegal aliens just about everyday in the news. They protest, they go on hunger strikes, now they are a fixture in our nation's capitol building disrupting so many hearings. And it seems to me when the left doesn't want to report something like Benghazi, fast and furious, obamacare etc. They just ignore it and don't do any reporting on it. So why don't ""conservative news outlets like this one, keep reporting about another illegal immigrant protest when most of the US does not want to legalize illegal aliens? Spare me the bs of the false polls fox news puts out. Almost everyone is against it, but no one hears us. They just try to shut us up and make sure illegal is never used when an "immigrant" kills someone.
Very well written and very accurate. many conservatives have decided to stop voting if the GOP does this. Every time I read comments about an article on illegal immigration, folks say the same thing. I probably will stop voting too. Might as well skip the slow death and go straight to socialism right way. They always come up with, its not amnesty because... too bad the gop doesn't know it or they just don't care. sellouts and corrupt, all of them.
Well Ann, can you get Foxnews to stop reporting that 70% of Americans are for amnesty? Which is a lie btw. thanks
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