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I can't think of a better man to head this effort. I have wondered for a while why a select committee had not been formed. Only two reasons I can think of: 1. Boehner didn't want to step on the toes of committee chairmen who could claim some jurisdiction. 2. The leadership didn't think the time was right to maximize the political effect. The standing committee chairmen have had their chance, so a select committee is in order. I don't know about the political timing, but it could be good for the 2014 elections.
That's really lame - We can't produce any real data, but we know yours is wrong. Even low-information voters should be able to see how lame that is.
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Getting Repeal Right

jdick Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:27 PM
I would go with what's politically popular. If you repeal, you'd probably want to put something in its place. For example, tort reform, interstate sales, etc. So, if the electorate doesn't like the notion of repeal, enact a bill that "changes" Obamacare but, in effect, replaces all of it with what you would have enacted if you really repealed. No difference in substance, just in the form. Yeh, it's a political ploy, but much of the electorate is too uninformed to notice.
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China's Economy Slows Down

jdick Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 12:10 PM
I don't see how China's economy can succeed over the long term. It is far too centrally managed. All the major resource allocation decisions are made by government bureaucrats instead of a free market. That can work for a while, but not over the long term.
AmyDB, I'm talking about the nature of relationships, primarily sexual relationships. The nature of the heterosexual sex act does not change despite the presence of infirmities that prevent procreation. Likewise, the nature of homosexual sex and homosexual relationships do not change despite the fact that AI can help a homosexual woman have a baby. The nature of the relationships, especially in regard to sexual activity, does not change with any of these conditions/events affecting whether procreation actually occurs. Heterosexual sex is the same act with or without procreation. The important distinction is that heterosexual sex CAN produce offspring on its own (and often does) whereas homosexual sex CANNOT produce offspring on its own.
I'm not confusing anything. Parenting ability is a different subject entirely.
Homosexual unions are different from heterosexual unions is all I'm saying. Saying one is superior is a subjective judgment; I'd like to stay with facts and analyses thereof. Actually, polygamy seems to me to be closer to a "natural" marriage than does homosexuality. All I'm saying is that homosexual unions are different in such a way as to prevent them from being true marriages because they cannot produce offspring on their own. Whether they are superior of inferior depends on your viewpoint.
The ability to procreate is central to the difference in the natures of homosexual and heterosexual relationships. I can't see how the ability to parent is germane at all to this issue. As far as I know, there are not big differences in the ability to parent, although I don't know a lot about that subject.
No it doesn't. The nature of the relationship is not changed by AI. Homosexual relationships cannot result in procreation without outside help, such as AI.
Nevertheless, homosexual couples cannot procreate without outside help. If they do so with outside help, e.g., AI, the nature of their relationship has still not changed.
I don't understand how you can claim homosexuality as natural. Despite nature's obvious design, aberrations and mutations occur. A better approach is a simple observation of the reproductive process. Even though not all heterosexual relationships result in offspring, the nature of the relationship is such that procreation certainly can result absent some infirmity that prevents it. The nature of homosexual relationships is such that they can never result in reproduction on their own.
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