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I have never seen a large email system where the emails are stored on workstations; they are stored on servers that are backed up every day. If the server crashes, the emails are restored from the backups. The crashed hard drives is irrelevant BS. As to the emails provided, obviously the incriminating ones were intentionally omitted from what was supplied. The number supplied is irrelevant. Which ones were omitted is the most important part.
I worked in IT for a while before I retired. Emails are usually kept on servers not workstations. And, the servers are backed up every day. A specific program is followed for saving and recycling the backups. Periodic purges are conducted to eliminate old emails and keep email databases to a manageable size, but even these follow carefully prescribed schedules. All of this should be well documented. Just look at the documentation to show the truth. Bottom line: this is nothing but BS.
As a retired public servant of 35 years, I can say you paint with much too broad a brush. Most federal employees are conscientious, but there are enough bad apples to give all a bad name.
This is the best argument I've seen for drastic tax overhaul that minimizes or eliminates the IRS. A sales tax would require some bureaucracy to administer, but a much less powerful and intrusive one.
Republican candidates should use this policy against Democrats in at least two ways: 1. Even if the Dem candidate opposes what Obama is doing, he/she is a Democrat and will support Dem leaders in the House/Senate. With Dem leaders, Obama-like policies will be adopted. 2. Even if you believe the earth is warming due primarily to human activity, the reductions Obama projects will have no significant effect on such warming. Of course, this would be in addition to the negative economic effects of the policies. Especially in rural areas, I think this would be a winning strategy.
The word that first came to my mind is "mistress". He rents a basement apartment is her house, she works for him, she accompanies him on trips as part of the "wives group". Looks pretty cozy to me.
Liberals never seem to learn from experience. When I was involved with the school lunch program in the late '70s, they couldn't get kids to eat the kind of lunches Michelle wants served. Finally, they decided to give the kids what they would eat, but to try to make it as wholesome as possible. Hamburgers and pizza were school lunch menu staples after that for a long time. At least most of it didn't end up in the trash can. No matter how wholesome the food is, it won't do any good if the kids don't eat it.
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Clash in the Cornhusker State

jdick Wrote: May 09, 2014 9:27 AM
When will Tea Partiers like Erickson learn that the "establishment" Republicans are interested in winning above all else. Of course, they're often wrong about who can win, but Tea Partiers don't have a sterling record in this regard either. I don't think ideology has a big role among the establishment. It's just that the establishment places winning above ideology (way above, to the point of almost ignoring ideology) and the Tea Partiers do the opposite, nearly ignoring winning potential and focusing only on ideology. Can't we strike a balance here? Wasn't it Regan who said "support the most conservative candidate who can win"? Whoever said it, it's good advice. Cruz probably couldn't win a Senate seat in New Hampshire, but Brown might be able to. Brown isn't my favorite candidate, but I'll take him over a Dem any day.
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Putin Fears Frack Attack

jdick Wrote: May 06, 2014 10:44 AM
I support the export of gas and oil products, but behind-the-scenes efforts should be under way to convince the Europeans to use fracking to access their gas and oil reserves. It would clearly be in their interest to do so.
I have often argued online with conservatives who have a quandary similar to yours. I have similar thoughts, but I don't have much trouble resolving the contradiction. The way I see it, there never has been and probably never will be a political candidate I think is perfect. Admittedly, some are closer to perfect than others but, to some degree, we're always voting for the lesser of two evils. And with the large number of low-information voters these days who have no clue about the issues, a candidates' electability becomes a very big issue. So, we're placed in the uncomfortable position of placing a candidate's electability ahead of the merits of his policies. It seems to me, however, that the Dems, as a whole, are so bad that any Republican, even a real RINO, is better.
I can't think of a better man to head this effort. I have wondered for a while why a select committee had not been formed. Only two reasons I can think of: 1. Boehner didn't want to step on the toes of committee chairmen who could claim some jurisdiction. 2. The leadership didn't think the time was right to maximize the political effect. The standing committee chairmen have had their chance, so a select committee is in order. I don't know about the political timing, but it could be good for the 2014 elections.
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