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The Lie Behind DACA's Legal Defense

jdick Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 1:32 PM
We can force many (most?) of the illegal immigrants here to self deport. Make it very difficult, next to impossible, for them to work. Most of them will leave and would-be illegal immigrants would be discourage from coming.
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Reform Conservatism's Federalism Blind Spot

jdick Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 1:05 PM
The question of who decides is overlooked far too often. Federal involvement in all of these programs should be eliminated. Reduce the federal money distribution to a formula; two or three federal employees with copies of Excel could do all the federal administration that is needed. No federal strings, regulations, compliance reviews, enforcement, etc. Just that would result in substantial savings.
The whole concept of the income tax, both corporate and individual, is fatally flawed. It gives far too much power to the government to intrude into affairs that should be private. We need a different concept for taxes. A sales-type tax seems to have the most potential as a replacement. It has problems too, but not as many or as severe as the income tax.
She knew! She just can't bring herself to admit it.
I have never seen a large email system where the emails are stored on workstations; they are stored on servers that are backed up every day. If the server crashes, the emails are restored from the backups. The crashed hard drives is irrelevant BS. As to the emails provided, obviously the incriminating ones were intentionally omitted from what was supplied. The number supplied is irrelevant. Which ones were omitted is the most important part.
I worked in IT for a while before I retired. Emails are usually kept on servers not workstations. And, the servers are backed up every day. A specific program is followed for saving and recycling the backups. Periodic purges are conducted to eliminate old emails and keep email databases to a manageable size, but even these follow carefully prescribed schedules. All of this should be well documented. Just look at the documentation to show the truth. Bottom line: this is nothing but BS.
As a retired public servant of 35 years, I can say you paint with much too broad a brush. Most federal employees are conscientious, but there are enough bad apples to give all a bad name.
This is the best argument I've seen for drastic tax overhaul that minimizes or eliminates the IRS. A sales tax would require some bureaucracy to administer, but a much less powerful and intrusive one.
Republican candidates should use this policy against Democrats in at least two ways: 1. Even if the Dem candidate opposes what Obama is doing, he/she is a Democrat and will support Dem leaders in the House/Senate. With Dem leaders, Obama-like policies will be adopted. 2. Even if you believe the earth is warming due primarily to human activity, the reductions Obama projects will have no significant effect on such warming. Of course, this would be in addition to the negative economic effects of the policies. Especially in rural areas, I think this would be a winning strategy.
The word that first came to my mind is "mistress". He rents a basement apartment is her house, she works for him, she accompanies him on trips as part of the "wives group". Looks pretty cozy to me.
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