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Hey Shoppin VOTE Oblamo then & get the F off this site you troll!
Bigotry WTF? Shopping the Tea Party is winning with most candidates exept Mourdock & Akins because they are bumb ars'es WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TALK ABOUT RAPE? JUST TELL LIB REPORTERS THAT YOU ARE PRO-LIFE THEN SHUT THE F---K UP!
Rino"s Rino"s Rino"s Rino's wake the F up we are losing again with moderate R's conservatives always win when they run as CONSERVATIVES! You East coast Rino's are F__ing up a good party I will now change my party affiliation.
Conservative's always win when we expound on our values RINO'S always lose you F__ing RINO's are pissing me off Obama Care Is Now The Law Of The Land
You F__ing RINO's better wake up we lost an easy winnable election with a moderate candidate & dont tell me about Mourdock & Akins they were stupid Sharon Angle candidate's talking about rape.
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