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The Revolution After Ron

jdelligatti Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 4:19 PM
Rand Paul is out doing some awesome things. Right now he's pushing to define life at conception. He's breaking up communist workers unions. He needs our support to make it all work. You don't have to be president to make those changes. You just have to have someone as president who will open the path to allow the repairs in government to happen. That man is Mitt Romney. Make sure he gets elected - put in the same effort for Mitt. Our country needs true supporters of the constitution. Mitt will begin turning a lot of power back to the states - and you better be in a place where you can take advantage of that opportunity.
edavis885 Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 7:42 PM
If Obama is Budweiser then Mitt is Bud Light. There really isn't a lick of difference between them. Mitt is a leftist Republican. He is just as much in love with state power as Obama is. He is just telling you what you want to hear to get elected. Obamacare is Romneycare. If you don't like Obamacare then how can you vote for the architect of it? Romney is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I wouldn't vote for him for so much as dog catcher. I'm a socially conservative libertarian. Why in the hell would I ever vote for the architect of the individual mandate? Romney raised taxes while governor but he just called them "fees". Romney was pro-choice before he started running for president. Now he is magically pro-life.

After two long years of speculating, campaigning, hoping, and voting the Ron Paul presidential campaign has come to an end. At the end of this year, Ron Paul’s bid for the presidential ticket will be eclipsed by his retirement, after the completion of his four decades as a congressman. At the dignified age of 76 it seems unlikely that Ron Paul will make a fourth attempt for the presidency in 2016. And with Ron Paul’s certain departure from political life there stands a looming question of whether the Gen Y libertarian/populist movement can move beyond his legacy.

The Ron Paul Revolution...