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Is Mitt Serious About Condi?

jdelligatti Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 2:49 PM
Mitt Romney has the lead regardless of who he picks. Currently, Obama is in panic mode as he can't keep his ratings up in the election or approval polls. He's creating executive orders to appease to special interest groups and sympathetics or tries to use an occasional threat of power (power he doesn't possess nor warrant in any legal capacity). If he can create a dictatorship by fooling people into believing that they already have one, then he will. That kind of desperation and insecurity reveals not only that he is out of touch with the desires and the expectations of mainstream America, but that his personal presidential agenda is in a free fall. Mitt Romney can pick anyone he wants. Whoever he picks for VP will be a sound choice.
Corbett_ Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 3:11 PM
"Whoever he picks for VP will be a sound choice."

How silly can you get? Hero worship to the extreme. OK. Let's say he picks the Rev. Al Sharpton. Would that be a "sound choice"? Or David Duke?
The first criterion in choosing a vice president, it is said, is that he or she must be qualified to be president.

Yet there is another yardstick by which candidates measure running mates. Do they bring something to the table? Can they help with a critical voting bloc? Can they bring a crucial state?

Lyndon Johnson is regarded as a brilliant choice by JFK, though his brother Bobby, among others in the Kennedy camp, loathed LBJ. LBJ locked up Texas and helped bring home five other former Confederate states for the Roman Catholic nominee from Boston.