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How to Turn Paul Ryan into "Obama's Shadow"

jdelligatti Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 6:09 PM
Smartest guy in the room? I'll have to check on that; however, my initial thought is that Romney is the smartest man in the room. Either way they're going to make a powerhouse team!

If there’s one man in America born for the job of debunking Obama’s myths and lies, it’s Paul Ryan.

As a political pundit, I have to admit my initial reaction to Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for V.P. was surprise. Ryan won’t gain Romney Latino votes, or expand Romney’s base. And, quite frankly, he’s not the most exciting guy in the room. Ryan is a policy wonk extraordinaire and boy genius. But those are not ideal attributes for giving rousing speeches. Not surprisingly, my first choice for the job was Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

But, after a day of thought, my...