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Even the jewelry stores and craft stores are getting in the holiday gun hype! Even this bullet-replica Website has Christmas advertising and Christmas specials too. http://bsukool.com People are catching on to how good Obama has been for the guns and ammo industry.
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

jdelligatti Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 2:46 AM
I don't mean to steal anybody's thunder, but this is what President Obama's speech really missed that should have been said: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152603552157512
It's awesome to see how successful Mitt Romney was in his efforts promoting GOP candidates in 27 states across the country. The man has done more for the GOP in the last two years than most of our officially elected representatives. We need Mitt Romney for President! "Like" our faceBook fan page to help us send a loud and clear message to Mitt Romney that we want him as our next president! https://www.facebook.com/presidentmittromney2016
I am stoked! I'm so glad to see people reject the Obama/Liberal agenda in such a big and obvious way. It was very telling that after Obama was reelected, he literally had to continue campaigning for several months to try to drum up enough support to get started on his 2012 platform agenda. It really highlighted his true lack of vital support and his unethical and (illegal at times) campaign and campaigning methods. Jihadism in the Middle East was not dead, GM really belongs to China now, and you couldn't keep your doctor or healthcare, and they knew it all along. Voters got defrauded, Benghazi DID happen, and the IRS was proven guilty, but is still trying to coverup who was involved in the voter-suppression and Tea-party-targeting scandal. They never had the support they claimed - and I'm glad to see justice finally coming to pass.
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No One is Born Gay

jdelligatti Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:45 PM
LGBT spokespeople/activists use the "born gay" argument unless its inconvenient to use or isn't selling the LGBT lifestyle. When it's time to sell it to someone else, it becomes "throughout your life you may be to some degree more or less gay". In other words, when it encourages others to try it out or to dabble in sodomy, the argument can change completely. Check out the Kinsey Scale, and you'll see what I mean.
I got dissed really hard for sharing this on FaceBook. Honestly, I just skimmed this article really quick, and shared it. It's horribly written! I deleted it from the group I shared it on. I guess I need to read closer before sharing. It made some good, valid points - it's just one of the most horribly written articles I've ever encountered on this Website. Is it really that easy to get published here?
If Holder won't cooperate, why not take Lois Lerner to a lower court, and press normal civil-level charges against her? Surely what she has done in her capacity as a citizen (rather than merely not following protocol in a government organization) translates into something prosecutable at a level that Eric Holder can't touch.
Clearly a failure of the legal system - one way or another.
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Obama the Problem Creator

jdelligatti Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 1:12 PM
Who voted for this guy? Why oh why couldn't we have Mitt Romney for president right now? I hope Mitt Romney will run for President of The United States in 2016! His conservative fiscal values, successful executive leadership, and strong moral character are exactly what our country needs - especially now. If you thought the Olympics were in bad shape before Mitt showed up, look at our federal government right now. How many terms would it take? If anyone has worked at a corporate headquarters, you know how tough it is to make one small change in the way the company operates. Yet, Mitt Romney spent his career turning businesses around. If an organization had any potential at all to be salvaged, Mitt Romney is the guy you'd want on the job. That's what got him his job over the Olympics recovery, and that's why we need him now.
More importantly, it was established by Trey Gowdy that a negative inference is warranted in judging when evidence is not produced that could exonerate the IRS. The IRS should have had the means of providing evidence that would help clear its name - instead it hasn't. Also, the hard drive crash just happened to take place 10 days into the investigation and affected Lois Lerner's and the hard drives of six other implicated people. The highlight of the questioning was when a questioner referred to federal record-preservation laws and IRS regulations that require official documents to be preserved. The IRS commissioner affirmed that the IRS is required to keep a copy of all records, and that it had the ability to do so. He dodged answering if he thought it would be reasonable to assume that at least one official record would have been contained on that hard drive or in those emails.
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