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No One is Born Gay

jdelligatti Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:45 PM
LGBT spokespeople/activists use the "born gay" argument unless its inconvenient to use or isn't selling the LGBT lifestyle. When it's time to sell it to someone else, it becomes "throughout your life you may be to some degree more or less gay". In other words, when it encourages others to try it out or to dabble in sodomy, the argument can change completely. Check out the Kinsey Scale, and you'll see what I mean.
I got dissed really hard for sharing this on FaceBook. Honestly, I just skimmed this article really quick, and shared it. It's horribly written! I deleted it from the group I shared it on. I guess I need to read closer before sharing. It made some good, valid points - it's just one of the most horribly written articles I've ever encountered on this Website. Is it really that easy to get published here?
If Holder won't cooperate, why not take Lois Lerner to a lower court, and press normal civil-level charges against her? Surely what she has done in her capacity as a citizen (rather than merely not following protocol in a government organization) translates into something prosecutable at a level that Eric Holder can't touch.
Clearly a failure of the legal system - one way or another.
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Obama the Problem Creator

jdelligatti Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 1:12 PM
Who voted for this guy? Why oh why couldn't we have Mitt Romney for president right now? I hope Mitt Romney will run for President of The United States in 2016! His conservative fiscal values, successful executive leadership, and strong moral character are exactly what our country needs - especially now. If you thought the Olympics were in bad shape before Mitt showed up, look at our federal government right now. How many terms would it take? If anyone has worked at a corporate headquarters, you know how tough it is to make one small change in the way the company operates. Yet, Mitt Romney spent his career turning businesses around. If an organization had any potential at all to be salvaged, Mitt Romney is the guy you'd want on the job. That's what got him his job over the Olympics recovery, and that's why we need him now.
More importantly, it was established by Trey Gowdy that a negative inference is warranted in judging when evidence is not produced that could exonerate the IRS. The IRS should have had the means of providing evidence that would help clear its name - instead it hasn't. Also, the hard drive crash just happened to take place 10 days into the investigation and affected Lois Lerner's and the hard drives of six other implicated people. The highlight of the questioning was when a questioner referred to federal record-preservation laws and IRS regulations that require official documents to be preserved. The IRS commissioner affirmed that the IRS is required to keep a copy of all records, and that it had the ability to do so. He dodged answering if he thought it would be reasonable to assume that at least one official record would have been contained on that hard drive or in those emails.
My father in law died in the first gulf war due to chemical-warfare exposure. He left behind a wife and two teenage children. The sacrifice of this good and faithful man, this husband and father of two was granted no greater status or benefit for his family than a lesbian activist who promoted the repeal of DADT and UCMJ Article 125 (which also included the banning of bestiality).
It's a relatively small movement with a handful of very well-funded and talented law and marketing pros that has had such a great influence on the media and popular opinion, and caused so much damage to the institution of marriage. It's also already stretched super thin, and relies on corporations willing to fund LGBT activist activities to stay afloat any time any good news about marriage pops up and motivates people towards traditional values. It is literally pushing at peak capacity. You have no idea what would happen if Christians and other morally minded people as a whole pushed back and were less accepting of alternative sexuality and of immorality as a whole. I believe a major impediment to our nations disappointing tolerance towards "alternative sexuality" would be strong regulation and oversight to the online pornography industry. Tolerance is great when it's helping people with faults to improve themselves on the path to become better people. People don't heal all at once from physical wounds nor do they from moral wounds. However, tolerance is never good when it's expressed to accept and promote blatant evil. You can tolerate yourself, your neighbors and friends, and your posterity right into hell, if you aren't careful. Tolerance needs to be realized, not as a universal principle that applies to every situation, but as a tool mercy and love has provided us - it's the leniency we grant to those trying to throw off their natural/animal inclinations to become morally minded and morally acting people.
Remember that RomneyCare wasn't Romney's. It was a compromise between what Romney wanted and what his liberal state wanted. It was only coined "RomneyCare" after ObamaCare was coined and Democrats needed some fodder. The Massachusetts Health plan was not only a compromise between Romney and Democrats, but also received the sign off from the same kind of conservatives that now constitute the "Tea Party". 11 of the 13 Tea Party points were recognized and implemented into the Republican platform for 2012 at the same time Romney was being nominated as the Republican candidate.
In an honest government, we wouldn't have this debate. Loading half the panel with partisan voters does not guarantee that justice will be served. Sorry, Nancy.
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