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Following 'Glorious Leader' Over Cliff

jdahlberg353 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 8:51 AM
Obama has set up America to believe that whatever happens to our economy that fails is the Republican's fault. Democrat’s policies never fail. It's the hard hearted and mean spirited Republicans that cause our economy to fail. Case in point, Reagan policy started all this mess in the 80's. Then came the contract with America in the 90's that sent our economy in a tail spin. Then comes the Bush tax cuts for the rich that put the nail in the coffin for America. How can anyone vote for a Republican with all this failure in the past? So the Republican party is dead and only Obama and the democrats can save our country and keep us poor and get into a third world condition which is their goal.

Well here we are again; same story, different day.  Here is another crisis that our glorious leader and illustrious Congress have brought us to.  Isn’t it predictable that nothing ever gets done in Washington until the eleventh hour and then it is hastily put together and doesn’t really solve anything anyway?

This fiscal cliff nonsense is just the latest chapter where Congress and the President try to make themselves look relevant.  Predictably this is all being blown out of proportion by the media and now that we are only 30 days and counting from a “so-called” disaster,...