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How can you stand up for a group of people that want Israel and the US off the earth.
Tell me and show me how the tea party is racist?
Call it what ever you want but marriage is only one man and one woman that's a marriage and the law should define that way. Civil union is what the states can call it but not marriage. no Yanked from there home No. allowing gays to adopt children no, allow a gay parental rights over the real mother rights in separtion no
Disagreeing with what marriage is does not mean I hate gays. That's the only argument you can come up with, so sad. I ask you do I have the right to express my belief in what marriage is, which I believe is one man and one woman. Do we as a group have the right to pass laws to express our beliefs as you do? What makes your law OK but mind not OK?
It's to bad that the left can't debate the issues.
Good idea. How ever to ask for Obama 's records will be labeled racist, as he's black and it's racist to ask for more than what you see.
"Can it be un-American to be a Christian?" That thought has been around for some time now, at least since 1963. I do believe that there are people that truly believe it. Christians must keep their faith locked up and not let it show.
very true
Star Parker, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee are not denying gays from marrying, It's that we don't recognizes it as a legal marriage one man one woman. Don't change the meaning of marriages.
cont'd If you believe in socialism, taxing the rich, big government, less freedom to run your business, throw out Christian values for Muslim values then Obama is the man you should vote for. If you reject Obama values then Romney is your only choice. This Nov the choice will be made in what direction our country will go in.
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