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Trapping Season

JD74 Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 9:11 AM
Be glad Akin's colors came out now revealing his position not to mention his IQ. Why would the RNC not run from him? He is dead in the water & an albatross to every Republican on a ticket this Fall. He is a threat to the Republican party & all they believe in. The Republican party has to share in part the position of this country for it has not happened into this situation over night however; Mr. Obama & his own administration has did more to hamstring the constitutional direction of the U.S. but has pushed it ever so close to a socialist society. No Republican that I am aware of should be blamed for the Obama mess.

It's trapping season. The targets are Republicans, whom the Democratic-friendly media (the trappers) hunt in order to smear -- especially the Romney-Ryan ticket -- forcing them off message.

The bait in the latest case is the issue of abortion in cases of rape. The hunter's target was Rep. Todd Akin, a Missouri Republican, who is running for the Senate against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

Thirty-nine years after Roe v. Wade and subsequent Supreme Court rulings legalizing abortion, one might think a pro-lifer like Todd Akin would be able to see he was walking into a trap when a St. Louis TV...