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In just a short reply... The Second Amendment is what has given you EVERY FREEDOM that you enjoy now. Without guns this country would have been suppressed as the 3rd word countries have been in the past & today they are fighting for existence knowing nothing of freedom. You could do with a little American history.
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Trapping Season

JD74 Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 9:11 AM
Be glad Akin's colors came out now revealing his position not to mention his IQ. Why would the RNC not run from him? He is dead in the water & an albatross to every Republican on a ticket this Fall. He is a threat to the Republican party & all they believe in. The Republican party has to share in part the position of this country for it has not happened into this situation over night however; Mr. Obama & his own administration has did more to hamstring the constitutional direction of the U.S. but has pushed it ever so close to a socialist society. No Republican that I am aware of should be blamed for the Obama mess.
I have watched this plug horse run now going on four years. Why would I bet on the plug now? Why would anyone bet on this plug? There has to be a better runner out there so I am betting on Rom.
It is the intentions of China to walk into the United States hand in hand with Clinton & BHO unopposed & to an unarmed helpless broke country. Never! You will earn it if you get it.
Venezuela citizens arm yourselves. History will repeat one day. An atrocity is apparant!
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