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The First Tea Party President?

jd111 Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 3:57 AM
Sorry, but the First Tea Party President was Ronald Reagan.
She ran as a Mother in Tennis Shoes. What she was, was a Liberal in Left Wingtips.
In 201 they told us "We've Learned Our Lesson." Then we found out what lesson they learned. It seems the Lesson they learned was 1995. Wrong Lesson folks. The Lesson you should have learned in 2010, and in 2014 is "Read My Lips."
That should be Flagged as Offensive... ;)
Hey, you can all relax, it's not as dire as it seems. The President will not be altering any of his Fundraising appearances at all.
Wow, Moe_Baum, you sure do have LOTS of time on your hands. Is that because you don't actually do a Job but instead sponge off of the rest of us so you can support those who steal from us to give to you?
So, you are telling me that the Gestapo... er I mean The IRS scandal is NOT an UnAmerican Activity by the Government? And the capitulation to Putin and Russia isn't a Geopolitical disaster placing the survival of the U.S. in danger. I wish I lived on your planet.
So, Mitch, what was your record again? Oh Yeah, Jim Jeffords - gave the Senate to Tom Dashiell and the Democrats in 2000 Arlin Spectre - gave filibuster proof Senate to the Democrats in 2009 Charlie Crist - running as a Pro Obamacare Democrat in 2014 Maybe if you'd quit backing Democrats in Waiting people wouldn't have to Primary them.
As 2014 Elections near, Mayors Leave Bloomberg's "Gun Confiscation" Organization in Droves FIFY
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