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o please dont hurt me Ill pay whatever you want just dont take my TV my steelbelted tires just leave me alone and Ill pay I promise.Nanny state cry baby good for nothing wastes of flesh
Born in a free America, Gonna die on my feet not my knees
3 hots and a cot,
h damn sticking buttons
Man up and stand up.They dont follow any laws why the hell sould I.
Let me be the first to say,we not be buying obamacare we will stop filing our taxs and the irs and the government can kiss my @ss.
Id pay money to see her get the stungun treatment, all libtards need some electro shock now and then.
sorry Ill try too do better,ok libby
seeing as there is only one obummer sign in my hole town,I think Ill pull a libtard stunt and burn it.
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