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Over the Cliff?

jcollignon Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 9:24 AM
I am hoping that you folks at Townhall aren't that big that you forget to read the letters.I must say that I cannot believe that there is not one story today about Benghazi. You are a Conservative leaning publishing group,right? This may be the story that Woodward and Bernstein wish they could find, instead of that small potatoes Nixon hitpiece agenda driven newsmedia! they published and almost wrecked the US right then and there! These guys can't get out of their own way when they have to do some real reporting, the frauds!! How about hammerin this one for the Ace of Spades destroyer!!

October 28, 2012

We don’t let small children play with sharp knives, loaded guns, or near the top banks of cliffs. They haven’t learned the consequences of their actions. They aren’t responsible. Yet.

You might think that politicians, who are adults, shouldn’t be treated the same way. But “power tends to corrupt,” and we know even more about that, today, than our Founding Fathers did. And they knew enough not to let politicians do just anything they wanted. They put constitutions in place, to limit politicians’ purview and power.

Arguably, today’s...